Minority ‘Youths’ Kick/Stomp White Boy’s Head, Police Reject Hate Crime

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Graphic footage of a white teen being pulled off of his bicycle and repeatedly kicked in the head by a group of minority “youths” garnered mass outrage. However, the police announced that only one suspect was arrested and promptly released, and it only got worse from there.

Video of a group of minority “youths” brutally beating a white teen has sparked international outrage. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A horrific video clip has surfaced, showing a young victim being brutally assaulted as bystanders, including a security guard, refuse to intervene during what some are calling a hate crime. The gruesome attack occurred at the city square in broad daylight, prompting outrage over not only the onlookers’ reaction but also the police’s response.

The attack started when a gang of minority “youths” pulled a white male teen from his bike in the middle of Bradford’s square, which is located in West Yorkshire, England. A witness recorded the incident, which captures the stomach-churning assault on the defenseless victim at the mercy of his attackers.


Several of the youths drag the boy into the center’s fountain, stomping his body until he is forced to loosen his grip on his bicycle. Multiple suspects then proceed to kick and punt the boy’s head with full force, knocking him over onto the ground before the clip ends.

RT reports that the victim is a 15-year-old boy who was ruthlessly kicked in the head until he lost consciousness. He unsuccessfully tries to remain alert and push himself up off the ground and out of the water before the video ends. It is unclear whether the attack continues after the end of the clip, as other members of the gang appear to be closing in on the victim as several of the initial attackers walk away.

Police Reject Hate Crime
The gang pulls the 15-year-old boy from his bike before repeatedly kicking and stomping his head as a security guard refuses to intervene. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In the footage, a nearby security guard casually strolls over to the attackers as they continue their assault on the helpless victim. He appears to be saying something to the youths but does not attempt to physically intervene during the clip.

Despite footage showing at least a dozen gang members carrying out the attack, West Yorkshire Police announced on Twitter that only one suspect was arrested. The 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of assault but was promptly released on bail.

“A 16-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of assault and later released on bail for enquiries to continue,” the West Yorkshire Police tweeted.

Police announced that only one 16-year-old male was arrested and released and that the incident will not be considered a hate crime. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

News of the assault and subsequent arrest and release of only one suspect prompted outrage across the nation. Social media users expressed their fury over the assault charge, insisting that the youths should be tried for attempted murder.

“If several boys kicking one boy repeatedly in the head whilst he is sitting on the floor isn’t attempted murder, I really don’t know what is. You have clear video evidence here. Charge them ALL with what this is!” one comment read.

“Assault? Should be attempted murder ffs. Repeated kicks to the head and hes released on bail,” another wrote.

“The individual who kicked the victim in the head. I would suggest he was trying to kill the person and as such this should be treated as attempted murder. They took him to the water so if he went unconscious he would drown and die,” another said.

In a follow-up tweet, the police announced that the incident was not being treated as a potential hate crime, as the victim had failed to report it as such.

“The victim, a 15-year-old male, was treated for minor injuries. The victim has not reported the matter as a hate crime,” the West Yorks Police Department confirmed.

Police Reject Hate Crime
The incident has prompted unsuccessful calls for the youths to be arrested and tried for attempted murder. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The response sparked further outrage over the police’s refusal to consider it a racial hate crime, considering that the victim is white and the youths all appear to be minorities.

“Coz the poor kid is scared for his life most likely, grow a back bone and do something, sod race card etc… Theirs at least 5/6 individual attackers and the rest onlookers especially the spineless security guard,” one user replied.

“Load of shite, role reversal??? Race hate crime. You daren’t procede with this as a race hate crime. Typical of the police to bury their heads in sand. That’s why people are losing or lost faith in the police force,” another said.

“The worrying question here is you felt the need to report that the victim hasn’t reported a hate crime. What is your motive in doing that and does that motive cloud your judgement? Who are you appeasing? To whom are you accountable? I support you where I can. This concerns me,” another wrote.

“So your saying if someone doesn’t report it then it’s not a crime,” another suggested.

Many feel that the police’s confirmation that the case will not be treated as a hate crime is evidence of racial bias. Their suggestion that the victim must report their abuse as a hate crime in order for the authorities to consider such a crime is nothing short of bizarre. Unfortunately, even if the victim does believe he was targeted for his race, he is likely too afraid of retaliation to pursue such a charge.