‘Not Compatible With Life’: Doctors Told Them To Terminate Baby

Posted by - February 20, 2020
Before Helianny was born, doctors told her mom, Soleannys Lugo, that she would not be "compatible with life" due to the deformities that were showing up on ultrasounds. The doctors suggested that Lugo terminate her pregnancy, saying that if she didn't, her daughter would always live in a vegetative state. But Lugo decided to give Helianny a chance at life — and just look at her now.

Mom Frustrated Behind Slow Vehicle, Snaps Photo Of Sign On Window

Posted by - February 20, 2020
A mom was just trying to get to work when the vehicle in front of her was slowing her down. Finally, she reached a stoplight and was able to pull closer. As she did, she noticed a sign on the SUV's rear window. When she read what it said, she quickly captured a photo for everyone to see.

Dad Chains Daughter, Burns Her Alive Because Mom Made Him Angry

Posted by - February 19, 2020
An infuriated father chained up his 3-year-old daughter and burned her alive in his car, saving himself from the flames at the last minute. However, police soon discovered that the father had carried out the twisted murder-suicide plot after the horrified mother had refused his simple request.