Stranger Knocks On Mom’s Door, Claims To Be DCS, Demands Kids

Posted by - January 19, 2020
When a stranger claiming to be a Department of Child Services worker knocked on a young mom's door and ordered her to hand over her children, she had a gut feeling something was wrong. To her horror, she'd learn her instincts were right when she called the department to ask about the situation. That's when she discovered the truth about the stranger who came to take her kids.

Corvette Driver Shouldn’t Have Rolled Down Window And Flipped The Bird

Posted by - January 18, 2020
A pickup truck was simply trying to merge into the right lane when an easily annoyed driver rolled down the window of his red Corvette and decided to flip the guy the bird. That's when he got taught a nasty lesson he won't soon forget. It's safe to say he won't make the same mistake again any time soon, but did he get what he deserved? You decide.

Girls Freeze During Soccer Game As They Hear Unmistakable Sound

Posted by - January 18, 2020
Parents at a high school soccer game were initially confused when every player on the field stopped playing and turned towards the left side of the field. At first, they weren't sure what was going on — then they heard an unmistakable sound and saw what all the teens were looking at.
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