Many Vowing To Boycott United Airlines After Tarmac Picture Went Viral

Posted by - November 25, 2020
United Airlines should be pretty used to controversy since their reputation has taken repeated hits. One such blow took place when a passenger on a grounded plane tweeted a photo from her rain-covered window. The image immediately went viral on social media, landing the airline in the center of a publicity nightmare.

Cop Saves Woman From Being Mauled By Pit Bulls, She Wants Him Fired

Posted by - November 25, 2020
While walking her daughter's puppy, a woman was viciously mauled when a pack of six pit bulls suddenly broke free from their owner. Fortunately, a police officer was nearby and rescued her from being eaten alive. However, instead of thanking the officer for saving her life, she's now demanding that he be fired.

After How These 3 People Tortured A Child, The Death Penalty Is Too Kind

Posted by - November 25, 2020
A mother, her live-in boyfriend, and his wife were all facing charges after the disturbing and horrifically heartless thing they did to the woman's child. The boy's brother finally exposed exactly what happened, and once you hear what they did to the toddler over the course of three days, the death penalty sounds too kind.

Medic Parks Nearby As Baby Dies, Claims She Was ‘Justified’

Posted by - November 24, 2020
A Detroit mom frantically called 911 after her 8-month-old child stopped breathing. An EMT arrived but parked just short of the residence, purposely not coming to the baby's rescue. The first responder expressed a specific reason for refusing to tend to the emergency, believing she was "justified." As a result, the baby died — all the while, the medic was sitting just blocks away.