4 Florida Thugs Shot Dog Upon Invading Home, Consequence Is Severe

Posted by - December 5, 2019
A man was at home with his girlfriend when he heard his back door being kicked in by four armed intruders. Instantly, the victim's dog "Zeus" charged at the home invaders to protect his family and was shot. In the moments that followed, the punks realized what a big mistake they had just made, but it was way too late to avoid the wrath of the fed-up couple who were more than ready for some payback.

Mom Smashes Glass Over Waitress’ Head After Son Was ‘Disrespected’

Posted by - December 4, 2019
The shocking moment an angry mother smashed a glass over a Red Lobster server's head was caught on video. Claiming the waitress disrespected her disabled son, the mom decided to make the other woman pay, but it's how the server handled it that's really garnering a lot of attention. Who's to blame for the Red Lobster rumble?
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