VIDEO: Saggy-Pants Thug Attacks Elderly Gentleman, Gets Knocked Out

Posted by - April 13, 2021
A shocking video has emerged online of a saggy-pants wearing punk who thought it would be a good idea to harass and attack an elderly gentleman as the man walked with a bag of groceries in his hands. Now, the clip has gone viral after the would-be victim put his groceries down for a moment to give the punk a brutal dose of instant justice.

Students Want Portraits Of Washington And Lee Removed From Diplomas

Posted by - April 13, 2021
Privileged law school students at a prestigious Virginia university circulated a petition asking for the option to have portraits of the school's namesakes — George Washington and Robert E. Lee — removed from diplomas. They have apparently decided to fight a perceived injustice, beginning with their own campus.

Teen Wakes In Agony During Sleepover, Notices Bad Burns On His Neck

Posted by - April 12, 2021
Most of us have fond memories of attending sleepovers at our friends' houses as kids. However, Arkansas teenager Nickolas Conrad lived through a real-life nightmare at a sleepover he went to. The teen boy awoke in agony in the middle of the night, only to realize the cause of his pain was something horrifying.