VIDEO: Veteran Lucky To Be Alive After Entering Booby-Trapped Home

Posted by - November 16, 2019
When a Marine veteran entered a home, he never expected it would become a death-defying experience — then, his companion spotted a tripwire. The video they captured next is nothing short of terrifying and could have many homebuyers and real estate professionals viewing houses with much more caution.

Teens Find Sam’s Club Card In Woods, Take Off After They Google Name

Posted by - November 16, 2019
When two teens came upon an unlocked car in the woods, they reached inside and found a Sam's Club card. Deciding to investigate further, they typed the name on the card into Google's search engine and realized it had been all over the local headlines. That's when they took off, getting out of there as fast as they could.

Mother With Newborn Hears Noise, Sees Cop Walking From Her Home

Posted by - November 16, 2019
The mother of a four-month-old baby got a huge surprise when a police officer made an unannounced visit to her home. She assumed that she was in big trouble because of what the officer caught her doing. However, his intentions became clear when she heard a loud noise, prompting the mother to snap a few photos while his back was turned.

Charity Workers Flee Threats Of Beheading For Making Religious Offense

Posted by - November 15, 2019
While serving underprivileged foreign citizens, a group of young volunteers suddenly found themselves fleeing for their lives when the people they were trying to assist threatened to cut off their heads. Disturbingly, they soon realized it was because of a mistake the charity workers made that offended their religion.
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