2 Girls Perform Sex Acts At Bar, Decide To Sue When Video Is Released

Posted by - July 12, 2020
After two young women got drunk at a club, they garnered way more attention than they ever imagined as they took off their clothes for raunchy sex acts on the dance floor. Cell phone cameras were recording, and before they knew it, their performance was going viral. However, you will be very shocked to learn what they are doing now.

Teens Refuse To Pull Up Saggy Pants, Deputy Teaches Them A Lesson

Posted by - July 12, 2020
Fashion is pretty subjective, but the "saggy pants" phenomenon is one style that's proven consistently controversial. As some teens found out, this particular wardrobe choice comes with consequences. When they refused to pull up their pants, a deputy taught them a strong lesson in respect. But, did it go too far? You decide.

Armed Thug Shot By Good Samaritan, Here’s His Family’s Response

Posted by - July 12, 2020
When someone acts irrationally and commits a crime, they’re typically held accountable for those actions, no matter who they are. But, not Adric White. After he was shot while robbing a Family Dollar store, his family wasn’t mad at him for his criminal behavior. Instead, they had a ridiculous response.

Drunk Driver Insults Wheelchair Bound Victim, Judge Makes Her Pay

Posted by - July 11, 2020
When a woman got drunk and plowed into a little league field, she ended up hitting a dad and principal who lost both of his legs as a result. Luckily for her, she got a plea deal. On the day of her court hearing, however, she stumbled in hours late. Her next despicable move would have the judge immediately teaching her a lesson she won't forget anytime soon.