2 Men Knocked Out Cold By Same Suspect On Busy Chicago Street

Posted by - July 22, 2024
While Chicago is no stranger to crime, the Windy City gained even more notoriety after a video captured two men being knocked out cold by the same suspect on a busy street. It's the response of five nearby females, however, that has really left viewers scratching their heads.

Video Of Cops Being Ambushed Shows Calm Situation Turned Deadly

Posted by - July 22, 2024
A police department has released chilling footage, showing how quickly a calm situation can take a turn for officers after a cop's body camera captured an ambush on video. Although we're often told how dangerous the job of law enforcement can be, it's another thing to see it with our own eyes — and this is one video you don't want to miss.

VIDEO: Thief Attempts Armed Robbery, Owner Makes Her Regret It

Posted by - July 21, 2024
When an armed thief attempted to rob a beauty supply store, she likely thought she had found an easy target. However, the fed-up shop owner quickly made her regret her choices after he grew suspicious and confronted her. The altercation that followed was caught on must-see security camera video.