Newlyweds Save Flight From Disaster, Airline Shows No Appreciation

Posted by - June 14, 2021
A couple boarded their United flight on their way to their honeymoon when they noticed the plane was dumping gallons of fuel. The crew had no idea, so just moments before takeoff, the couple rushed to let them know, saving everyone from disaster. They were heroes. But, you won't believe how United thanked them.

Men Brutally Attack Cop — Patrol Car Door Opens, Fur Missile Launches

Posted by - June 14, 2021
A group of thugs jumped a lone police officer on a back road and began viciously stabbing him with a box cutter. Thinking they had the upper hand, they were shocked when his patrol car door mysteriously opened on its own. That's when they realized they had made a huge mistake because this cruiser wasn't like many others.

Pregnant Mother Goes Into Labor, Doctor Informs Her She Tested Positive

Posted by - June 13, 2021
Maggie Downs, a writer from Palm Springs, California, was several hours into labor with her first child when a nurse confronted her in the hospital bathroom and told her that she had tested positive for methamphetamine. The mom-to-be almost lost her newborn baby after she tested positive for the illicit substance, but there was one huge problem — she never used the drug.