Singer Annihilates Body-Shamer Who Said She’s ‘Getting Fatter’

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After a critic dared to tell an American singer that she was “getting fatter,” the celeb unleashed an epic comeback that prompted support from her fans and sent the body-shamer scurrying back into the shadows with his tail between his legs.

Madison Beer (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Madison Beer is an American singer, model, songwriter, show judge, and actor, who first began modeling when she was just a kid. However, her rise to fame came in 2012 after she began posting covers to YouTube and none other than Justin Bieber shared a video of her singing a cover. Beer then kicked off her acting career in 2013 and has since been featured in several movie projects and reality shows.

More recently, Madison Beer worked with the cosmetics company Morphe to launch a collection called Morphe x Madison Beer in 2020, but she never gave up singing. Instead, the pop star released her major label album debut “Life Support” in early 2021, following her unprecedented success as an independent artist. The album, which received widespread acclaim, was called a “thrilling listen.”

Madison Beer
Madison Beer (Photo Credit: Instagram)

So, to say the least, the musician has had a remarkable career in music, songwriting, acting, and fashion, but that didn’t seem to matter much to one internet troll who only focused on a “pretty face” rather than seeing a talented young woman. Unfortunately for the body-shamer who decided to pick on the young woman’s appearance, Madison Beer also proved to be efficient in the art of roasting internet trolls.

It all began on an otherwise ordinary Sunday after the “Reckless” singer posted three photos on Instagram. The pictures featured Madison Beer taking a mirror selfie in a short white dress, prompting one male follower to give the woman some unsolicited advice regarding her appearance. “Hey Madison i’ve noticed that ur legs and arms are getting fatter,” he wrote in a comment, according to Pop Base.

Madison Beer
Madison Beer (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sadly, his utter rudeness didn’t stop there. Instead, he further insulted the talented young woman by offering a suggestion. “Please do some cardio because we men only like skinny girls,” the troll continued before tossing a very backhanded compliment Beer’s way. “Ur face is already perfect, but please we love a thin-waisted girl,” he furthered. And, as one would imagine, his commentary wasn’t well received.

In fact, it didn’t take long for the 24-year-old singer to snap back, “annihilating” the body-shamer who dared to tell her to lose weight, according to Page Six. “I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 ten foot pole if you paid me a million dollars,” Beer responded to the troll as seen in a screenshot captured by Pop Base. And, the singer’s roasting seemed to prove effective.

Screenshots of the comments captured by Pop Base. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The body-shaming commenter eventually deleted his rude remark, but not before Beer’s fans came to her defense in droves. “Can’t believe some dudes feel they have the right to comment on someone else’s appearance,” one fan wrote while telling the talented singer to “Keep slaying.” Another social media user also chimed in, commenting, “Madison beer you are gorgeous no matter what,” and many, many others shared similar sentiments, reassuring the celeb that she had absolutely nothing to worry about when it come to her looks.

This wasn’t Madison Beer’s first experience with online shaming. Previously, she urged social media users to stop “shaming women” after she endured a “traumatizing experience” that left her feeling “unsafe” and “scared.” When Beer was just 15 years old, several nude photos and videos of her were leaked online. She first became aware of the leak when a friend first texted her a video that she had sent to the boy she was seeing at the time, and then another friend sent her a second clip the next day, Page Six reported.

Confirming her worst fears, Beer eventually saw one of her videos on Twitter. “I was just looking at it, and I remember just dropping to the floor and being like, ‘Oh, my God, what do I do?'” she recalled. “I reached out to the person who posted it and begged them to delete it, and they just blocked me, straight-up just blocked me immediately.”

After the leak, Beer admitted that she struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder because she felt like the “whole world” had seen the videos. “You should not feel shame,” Beer wrote to herself on Twitter in 202o, regarding the incident. “You were exploring your sexuality, you were learning. you should not feel like you did something wrong. shame on those who betrayed your trust & SHAME ON THOSE WHO SHAMED YOU.”

Indeed, those who viewed and shared any inappropriate images of a minor should feel shame, and we can only hope that others learn from Madison Beer and her experience so that another young girl doesn’t make such a life-changing mistake. What’s more, this is a reminder that girls should not be objectified. Famous or not, a minor is a minor, and what happened to Madison Beer is disappointing, to say the least. Adults should be repulsed whether the images are of a celebrity or the girl next door. That’s undebatable.

As for the more recent body-shaming remarks, Madison Beer and her fans seemed to handle the troll in the way he deserved. He obviously wanted her attention and he got it, but it proved too much for him to handle. Unfortunately for him, he’s also learning the hard way that the internet is forever, so before you send something out into the digital universe, make sure it’s a representation of yourself that you can live with for years to come.