Video: ‘Here’s The Reason Why Children Grow Up To Be Criminals’

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A couple well known to the police for committing crimes was pulled over and found to have four children crammed in the back of their vehicle. What happened next went viral and caused one officer to state: “Here’s the reason why children grow up to be criminals…”

Josh Kelly Ziminski
Kelly Ziminski (Credit: YouTube)

One couple who was on the radar of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department in Wisconsin is Josh and Kelly Ziminski. Being a parent is a sacred duty. However, there are those who fall incredibly short. Sadly, the children end up in a situation that is no fault of their own.

During a routine traffic stop for speeding, a female deputy found herself calling for backup when Josh and Kelly became argumentative right off the bat. Upon approach, the deputy noticed four children in the backseat when the vehicle only had three seatbelts in the back. The poor kids were silent as the deputy tried to say “hello.”

Josh Kelly Ziminski
Joshua and Kelly Ziminski (Credit: Kenosha County Sheriff)

“Do you have your driver’s license or ID?” the deputy asked Josh. “No, I don’t have to give her my m*ther-f*cking ID, she has yours,” he replied. The couple started arguing between themselves. “Well, you said it was your car,” the deputy said as her reason for needing his ID. “I don’t know why you’re being so argumentative with me.” Kelly replied, “Because I gotta go to work! I’m definitely going to take this to court and dispute it.”

“You’re going to work with all these kids?” the deputy asked. Kelly gave a rude response about how she was going home first, then she’ll shower, then she’ll go to work at 8 PM. “OK, so how old are the kids?” the deputy enquired. “How does that matter!” Josh responded as he started cussing. The deputy asked who are the parents of the kids, and Josh exclaimed, “They’re all mine!” The female officer then asked the couple if they have any pot or illegal substances in the car.

Josh Ziminski was rude and belligerent while interacting with the female deputy (Credit: YouTube)

“You’re asking a bunch of questions which ain’t sh*t!” Josh said. “I only ask because the kids need to be in car seats,” the deputy replies. “And there are four of them in a three-person seat. And there are no car seats.” Josh claimed he has one car seat in the trunk. The deputy tried to keep the couple from becoming erratic until her backup arrived. Ultimately, the couple was given several citations and made to obtain alternate transportation for the children. However, there was a big reason why these cops were being extra cautious.

“Here’s the reason why children grow up to be criminals…” said one deputy on the scene when the extensive criminal history of the couple was called in from dispatch. Josh and Kelly Ziminski were arrested for being among the main instigators in the 2020 Kenosha riots. Josh was arrested following the riots on a gun charge, as well as arson, for his alleged role in setting a trailer on fire during the riot. He has an upside-down crucifix, three teardrops, and the word “SIN” tattooed on his head, the Daily Wire reported.

The deputy calls dispatch to obtain Josh & Kelly’s criminal background (Credit: YouTube)

According to the Kenosha County Eye, just a few months after this traffic stop, the couple was arrested again for kidnapping a man at knifepoint and forcing him to use ATMs throughout the city. The victim said he met Kelly a week before and she cleaned his home for money. The alleged victim told police that he heard a knock at his door at about 1:20 AM that night and it was Kelly.

She asked to use the bathroom and he allowed her in, but then Joshua and a third man followed her in. Joshua then grabbed the man at knife-point and demanded all the man’s money in the home. The man told Joshua that he didn’t have any money in the home but had some in his bank. Joshua then put the knife to the man’s back and pushed him outside into a full-sized GMC.

The man tried to dial 9-1-1 but Joshua took the phone away. They demanded the man’s PIN number and ATM card and drove him around to ATM machines. The man then escaped at a gas station even with the men trying to stop him.

Social media users commented on the traffic stop. “The silence of the kids is an indicator of how afraid they are of their parents,” wrote one commenter. “None of the children made a peep from what I could tell. They must be terrified,” said another social media user. “Sadly, this may be one of the instances where children need to be removed from the parent for their personal safety. May they be safe wherever they are now.”