Bikini Trend Leaves Viewers Puzzled — Have We Finally Gone Too Far?

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There is a bikini trend sweeping social media, and it’s left viewers puzzled as they do a double take. Many are now asking if society has gone too far in the quest to show as much skin as humanly possible without getting cited for public indecency.

Upside Down Bikini Trend Leaves Viewers In Shock — Have We Gone Too Far?
An unnamed woman poses for a snapshot showcasing the social media trend. (Photo Credit: Upside Down Bikini/Facebook)

“Right now, the upside-down bikini trend is blowing up like a couple of helium balloons across Europe and the US,” reports the New York Post. Apparently, the trend was started by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada. She then made it official by giving the trend its own Instagram page, Upside Down Bikini, where you’ll find endless pictures of her boobs. The trend appears to have its own Facebook page, as well.

It’s a pretty easy trend to accomplish. Just take your halter bikini top, and instead of tying it around your neck, tie it around your tatas. Tuck your straps in, then just adjust the triangles to give the opening an inverted shape from the norm, where the widest opening is now at the bottom of the boobs. Voila! You have an instant boob lift — if you don’t mind the vast majority of said boobs hanging out for all to see. Fradegrada also posted a YouTube tutorial for all of the visual learners.

“Women are now wearing ‘upside down bikinis’ to give their cleavage a major boost,” reported the Daily Star. “Italian model Valentina Fradegrada is the brains behind the saucy style. Instead of wearing her swimsuits the right way around, she decided to don the top backward. By tying the halterneck straps across her chest, she was able to emphasize her curves. Sporting the bikini in this way pulls the triangle material further apart, lifting the breasts and flaunting plenty of underboob.”

While Fradegrada keeps her followers intrigued by a seemingly constant stream of photos showing her in various sultry poses while donning an upside down bikini, other women have jumped at the chance to do the same.

After the look debuted on Instagram, Fradegrada received a favorable response from many social media users who either liked the way she looked or couldn’t wait to try her trick themselves. “Wow I like it,” commented one person.

“You look beautiful. I’m going to try this,” wrote another impressed social media user. Indeed, she is blessed with beauty, but her intelligence is a topic of debate.

However, not all of the feedback was supportive. Some people wondered what the point of the trend was and took to the comments section to say it was “ridiculous,” among other things. “Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Hahaha my boobs would fall into the hole,” another jokingly commented. It seems, by looking at the images, however, that might be the point—at least partially.

Whether you’re a fan of this new trend or not, it certainly begs the question: How much skin do we really need to show? Bikinis are already designed to show off as much as possible, especially string bikinis like the ones Fradegrada uses for her upside-down bikinis.

Isn’t a bikini good enough? Do we really need to turn it upside down to make our breasts stand out even more? When is enough, enough? Leave a comment on the post and let us know what you think.