Black Mother Unleashes Hell At Texas Public Education Meeting

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A black mother received national applause after she unleashed her fury at a public education meeting held by members of the Texas House of Representatives, warning what she and other parents will do if they allow children to be taught particular topics.

During a public education meeting held by members of the Texas House of Representatives, Gabrielle Clark unleashed a fiery rant. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Gabrielle Clark drove three hours and stayed overnight in a hotel in Austin to make sure that the Texas House of Representatives knows her name. The single mother of five was outraged that schools were still teaching Critical Race Theory and Social-Emotional Learning, which promotes social justice.

During her allotted speaking time, Clark began by stating, “I filed the first federal lawsuit against woke indoctrination in America in Nevada.” She then warns, “And I live here now,” before delivering one of the most formidable chastisements of the public education system.

“If my daughter is taught CRT at all, I will sue you,” Clark told the panel. “If my daughter is taught [social and emotional learning] at all, I will sue you. I am encouraging every parent I know to sue you; to sue every teacher, every principal, every system, everybody up the chain… because we’re tired of y’all.”

Gabrielle Clark
Gabrielle Clark threatened to sue every educator who teaches her children Critical Race Theory. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Clark later explained to Fox News that her explosive lecture to the representatives was provoked after two of her school-aged children “had been indoctrinated with CRT and SEL.” She has vowed to sue everyone in the education system involved in the spread of these harmful curricula.

“I’m an atheist, bisexual, bi-racial, homeless person… I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is Black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it. I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom. I swear to you, I promise you I will turn this into a class action lawsuit ambulance-chasing business,” she said at the meeting.

Clark explained that she filed a lawsuit in Nevada after her son was forced in a classroom to complete an assignment identifying personal characteristics that would label him as either an oppressor or oppressed.

“I wasn’t going to let my son be alone in standing against it when he did. He said that anybody can be racist. And anybody can be racist. And I don’t care what the woke say about that. Racism is being prejudiced of race, not power plus privilege or whatever – whatever parallel language messaging they’re using to describe racism now,” Clark said.

Clark likened teaching children sexual identity to introducing cadaver dissection to a 7-year-old. She reiterated that kids are neither psychologically nor physically mature enough to handle such ideas.

“We’re not going to give a 7-year-old a scalpel and lay a fresh cadaver out on the table and tell them to go dig out that kidney. We don’t do that. That would scar a child for life to have to do something like that,” she told Fox News Digital. “So telling a child that because they’re Black and a woman they’re on the bottom of the oppression privilege matrix is just as terrible… [by] putting them in a lifelong state of victimhood.”

Clark told Fox News that it shouldn’t take “bureaucratic steps” to stop teachers from introducing children to pornographic literature such as “Gender Queer” and “Flamer,” which have been inducted into libraries in public schools across the U.S.

“What we should be doing is saying, hey, look, this is pornography in the library. You got ten days to take it out or the sheriff is going to come and get you. That’s where it should be. Because if anybody out in public showed this book to my child, that’s what would happen to them on the spot [if] you show a pornographic book to a child out on the street.”

Gabrielle Clark
Gabrielle Clark filed a federal lawsuit against “woke indoctrination” in Nevada and threatened to file a class-action lawsuit in Texas. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Clark repeatedly promised to sue educators who indoctrinate her children with CRT and SEL, and her threats certainly aren’t idle. She has proven by filing a federal lawsuit and moving her children states away that she will do whatever it takes to fight these doctrines.

If all parents who agree joined voices with Clark in her fight, CRT and social justice would be banned in every school in America. It’s time to stop passively allowing educators and politicians to corrupt our children with their own social agenda.