School Board Prez Grabs Mic From Immigrant Destroying CRT, Backfires

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When an immigrant woman who escaped communism began speaking about Critical Race Theory, the school board president stepped off-stage to physically stop her. However, his plan to silence her backfired in the most satisfying way.

Anita Edgarian
Iranian immigrant Anita Edgarian went head-to-head with a school board president after she spoke out against Critical Race Theory. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Having grown up under the Iranian regime, which is an actual oppressive patriarchy, Anita Edgarian knows the tell-tale signs of creeping fascism. After legally immigrating to the U.S., she is disturbed to see the same authoritarianism cropping up as certain identities are dehumanized and vilified in the education system.

During a school board meeting of the Chester School District, the mother-of-three stood to speak out against the deeply divisive CRT infecting the curricula. She began by giving her testimony.

“I have to say, I grew up during revolution. My motherland has been ravaged by communism, and I left the Islamic country that was haunting us then,” she said. “But sitting through a board meeting that was divided up, this right against CRT, that side for CRT, was a complete nightmare.”

Anita Edgarian
Iranian immigrant Anita Edgarian gave a fiery speech concerning the division CRT is causing in schools. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Edgarian points out that none of the school officials are even able to explain what CRT is and how it’s being applied. She adds that educators should be teaching academics and not social justice.

“I send my kids to study mathematics, literature, history, and I want them to study every kind of history because that’s how I am,” she says. “My house, actually as a matter of fact, is known as the International House of Pancakes. You know why? Because my kids’ best friends are black, Brazilian, Mexican, Muslim, Australian, English, white, purple, black.”

Edgarian ends by chastising the board for putting politics above the students’ academic wellbeing. She then questions how her children are going to be prepared for success in the real world if the focus is on identity politics.

“You have brought division to us. This is not the way it’s supposed to be. Since when is my twelve- or thirteen-year-old supposed to save the world? They’re supposed to be going to college,” she says.

Upon hearing this, the crowd erupts in applause before Anita Edgarian attempts to continue. At this point, President Chris McCune interrupts, stating that her time is up. However, she refuses to be silenced. He then angrily rips the microphone away and forces her away from the podium, ordering a security officer to remove her.

Despite desperately trying to silence her, McCune’s plan quickly backfired. Thanks to his unhinged attempt to shut her down, Edgarian’s impassioned speech has gone viral, and she’s been given a mainstream media platform.

“I just don’t think he likes the fact that I was saying, ‘Why the division?” she told Fox News. “I have friends on both sides of this aisle. Friends and, you know, close friends sometimes. And you know, so I don’t want my kids to grow up feeling that they cannot talk to this person or that person. And I just wanted to know and, you know, the best thing is to come out and frankly ask the question.”

There was a widespread call for Chris McCune to step down as the school board president. (Photo Credit: Provided)

After the meeting, the Republican Committee of Chester County came to her defense. Using the same tactics progressives use to silence those who disagree, the committee called for McCune’s resignation for bullying an “ethnic-minority immigrant woman.”

McCune did not immediately respond to the backlash. However, Edgarian is adamant that he and the board members who support the divisive, race-based curriculum must be removed.

The only way to stop Critical Race Theory from taking over the education system is to take action at a local level. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Critical Race Theory seeks to divide us into groups of oppressors and victims. It pits one race against another on the premise that certain demographics are born racist while others are morally superior.

As long as there is no pushback from parents, school officials will continue to implement this political agenda. The only way to stop this is by getting involved in the community and fighting at a grassroots level.