Teacher Berates ‘Straight’ Student For Questioning LGBTQ Cupcakes

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A middle school teacher was captured on camera berating a “straight” child for questioning her rainbow unicorn cupcakes. However, the teacher paid a big price for her tirade.

unicorn cupcakes
A Missouri middle school teacher was exposed on video berating a male student for being a “straight jerk.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Showcasing how leftist ideology has infected the education system, a Missouri middle school teacher was caught on video disparaging a student for failing to adhere to woke views. However, the teacher didn’t possess the insight to realize that what happens in the classroom doesn’t always stay in the classroom.

An unidentified teacher at Pershing Middle School in Springfield has suffered the consequences after using her classroom as a pulpit to proselytize woke doctrine to preteen children. The incident unfolded as a fellow student recorded the teacher berating a male classmate and mocking his heterosexuality because he expressed disagreement with the LGBTQ campaign.

The student had asked if the unicorn cupcakes the teacher brought for students were in support of the LGBTQ campaign. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to the Springfield News-Leader, the situation began when a male student reportedly asked if the unicorn cupcakes the teacher brought to share with the classroom were in support of the LGBTQ community. Although it is unknown whether the teacher made any statement to cause the student to think this, she quickly confirms her bias with her response.

“I care about straight people but just because I support another thing doesn’t mean I don’t care about straight people too. Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean I don’t also support black people or Irish people or ignorant people,” she says, gesturing toward the student.

“I never said it was like that. I just said I’m getting ignored,” the student responds.

“Would you like a special unicorn cupcake for being straight, jerk?” the teacher asks.

“Yes,” he replies.

“Alright, come here. Get a ‘straight jerk’ cupcake for being a pill,” she says.

In what sounds like an attempt to relieve tension, the student explains that he was only joking by agreeing with her that he should get a cupcake for being straight. However, the teacher is incapable of containing her emotions as she unleashes an unhinged tirade.

“I’m just trying to be annoying,” he says.

“You are annoying. You are very successful. Congratulations,” she says. “What a dip,” she calls him.

Confused, the student asks, “What?” to which she repeats that she called him “a dip — like a dipstick, a butthead, a weasel.”

Fortunately, the abuse was captured on video and immediately turned over to the district by a local parent. As such, an investigation was launched and the teacher was removed from her position. The district confirmed she “will not be returning” to the school.

“As a result of the district’s internal investigation, SPS has taken appropriate disciplinary actions. While details of personnel matters must remain confidential, our response has followed the guidelines outlined by our board policy and reflects the district’s zero-tolerance for this type of conduct.”

unicorn cupcakes
The teacher was fired for berating and shaming the student for disagreeing with the LGBTQ movement. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

This teacher may have been fired, but there are countless others in the education system dedicated to making their classrooms training grounds for social justice activism. Instead of encouraging and nurturing critical thinking, these educators batter students into conformity.

If the children dare question the agenda, they risk being humiliated and painted a bigot in front of their peers. As the left tightens its hold on academia, this indoctrination will not only become more widespread but acceptable. In fact, it’s already being introduced as a foundational curriculum for schools across the nation.