School Board Cuts Mom’s Mic As She Reads Obscene School Assignment

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As a mother stepped up to speak at a school board meeting, she announced she’d be reading an assignment allegedly given to her 15-year-old daughter. However, while she was reading, the board cut her mic for being too “obscene.”

During a Nevada school board meeting, Kandra Evans’ mic was cut twice. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A video has gone viral not only for exposing the sexually graphic material schools are promoting to children but also for the lengths to which elected officials are going to keep this knowledge from parents. The footage from a public meeting in Nevada has caused outrage and concern. Still, the district refuses to address the issue and has instead deflected it, The Blaze reported.

The uproar began during a Clark County School District (CCSD) meeting, which was open to the public. At the 17-minute mark, Kandra Evans takes the podium to address the forum. Unfortunately, she had barely even begun to speak when she was silenced by the board members.

Kandra Evans
Kandra Evans was silenced while reading a sexually explicit assignment allegedly given to her 15-year-old daughter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Through tear-filled eyes and a shaky voice, Evans explained she would simply be reading an assignment allegedly given to her 15-year-old daughter. However, she had only gotten through the first few lines of the alleged lesson when officials determined the curriculum was too disgusting to be read in public.

“This will be horrifying for me to read to you, but that will give you perspective on how [my daughter] must have felt when her teacher required her to memorize this and to act it out in front of her entire class,” Kandra Evans said prior to reading from her daughter’s alleged assignment, according to KLAS-TV. She then read from the alleged assignment sheet, which said: “I don’t love you. It’s not you. It’s just that I don’t like your d**k — or any d**k in that case.”

At this point, Evans’ mic was cut. The board scrambled to regain control, glancing around at each other until the chairwoman finally spoke up.

“Forgive me, we’re not using profanity,” the chairwoman said as Evans’ microphone went silent.

Ironically, the board found the alleged assignment too obscene for adults to hear. However, they refused to address the fact that the lesson was given to children to “memorize” and “act out,” Evans claims.

“The teacher required my daughter to read this pornographic material,” Evans shot back before she was once again interrupted.

“If you don’t want me to read it to you, what was it like for my 15-year-old daughter to have to memorize pornographic material?” she argued before her microphone appeared to be muted once again.

When her mic was reactivated, Evans pointed out the hypocrisy, arguing that “adults can’t handle hearing this content, yet they readily give it to kids in school.” As the other attendees grew restless, the board granted Evans the rest of her time.

“I ask you simply — this is a public meeting. I ask for decorum,” the chairwoman replied as others in the room groaned and murmured.

Ironically, the chairwoman found the sexual content in the child’s alleged assignment too graphic for the adults at the meeting to hear. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When the school board again allowed Evans to speak, she put the final nail in the coffin, citing a Nevada law concerning minors and sexually explicit materials.

“We have pornography laws for minors in this state, and many of those violated because of this assignment,” Evans said. “It states, ‘It is a crime when a person knowingly uses, encourages, entices, or permits a minor to be the subject of a sexual portrayal in a performance.’ In one of my meetings with the school administration, they blamed my daughter for not saying no to the assignment. They blamed my daughter, who is the victim.”

Evans says the school suggested that her daughter was at fault for not declining to participate in the assignment. However, according to the law, the defendant is legally responsible regardless of the minor child’s participation.

Kandra Evans
Kandra Evans warned the district that the alleged lesson violates Nevada law by having a minor participate in a sexual performance. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The school board seemingly dismissed Kandra Evans’ concerns and appeared reluctant to publicly address the issue. CCSD officials released a statement promising to investigate the circumstances surrounding the assignment, but parents weren’t holding out hope that anything would be done.

The incident is merely a drop in the bucket of alleged sexually charged curricula that have been approved and adopted by schools across the nation. Parents are attempting to bail water out of a ship that is already sinking. It’s time to vote out these officials and promote alternative education that gives parents a say in what their children are taught.