Teacher Demolishes School Board Over ‘Infinite Genders’ Lesson For Kids

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A Louisiana teacher went viral for his attack on a curriculum that teaches children they can choose from “infinite genders” before they have even learned to read or write.

Jonathan Koeppel
Louisiana teacher Jonathan Koeppel went viral for his speech lambasting the gender theory curriculum. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Jonathan Koeppel made a name for himself in music and politics, but his passion undoubtedly focuses on teaching. Understanding the impact his guidance has on developing minds, he considers his job more than just making sure his students learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic — it also includes teaching them the power of critical thinking. Unfortunately, the public education system is making this nearly impossible for good teachers to do.

While preparing lessons for his class, the Louisiana high school teacher came across a disturbing educational video from a popular online curriculum called “Brainpop.” In the video, a cartoon duo named Max and Moby discusses historical, scientific, and sociological topics, presenting them in a fun and elementary way. However, the subject of the video and its subsequent content read more like political dogma than fact.

A lesson from Brainpop teaches children that there are countless genders and that gender pronouns can be chosen. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The lesson asserted that there are countless genders and that individuals can choose their “gender identity.” The video also encouraged students to use grammatically incorrect language to adhere to the “preferred pronouns” of others.

“‘They’ can be used as a singular pronoun too,” the video lesson states. “Like, if you said, ‘I’m going to see my friend,’ I could ask, ‘Where do they live?’ since I don’t know your friend’s gender identity.”

Shocked that the district would allow such a confusing and contradictory theory, Koeppel volunteered to speak at the school board meeting. Holding nothing back, the indignant teacher went to bat for his students in a speech that went viral for good reason.

“They’re teaching incorrect grammar to give a kid whatever gender pronoun they want,” Koeppel began, citing Brainpop’s incorrect usage of “they” as a singular pronoun. “We have kids that can’t read or write, and then we’re going to teach them incorrect grammar?”

Koeppel held up his cell phone to the mic, allowing parents and school board member’s the opportunity to listen to the progressive doctrine their children are being taught as scientifically proven facts.

“Who gave permission to talk about this?” Koeppel asked. “There’s two genders. If you’re born with a penis and you have testicles, that’s just anatomy, you’re a male. If you have a vagina and ovaries, you’re a female. A man cannot menstruate. A man cannot lactate and breastfeed a child. You cannot give birth if you’re a man.”

Koeppel then got personal, showing his indignation for not being allowed to simply educate his students in a way that actually prepares them for the real world.

“If you want to be an adult and do whatever you want with your life, I’m okay with that. Don’t push this ideology on children,” he said. “I’m not going to work in a district that’s okay with that. You need to make a clear statement on how many gender are there because, parents, they’re already pulling their kids out of public school. They’re doing homeschool options. They’re going online. It’s going to increase as this liberal ideology comes into our schools. This isn’t a political indoctrination camp. It’s public education. I want to teach education, not left-wing ideas that aren’t backed up by facts or science.”

Jonathan Koeppel
Jonathan Koeppel refused to be silenced and spoke out against the indoctrination of his students. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Koeppel’s righteous fury is well placed. He sees firsthand that children are being force-fed political canon devoid of all science and logic. The most disturbing aspect is that they aren’t being taught to think critically about it and are instead silenced if they question the doctrine.

Koeppel gives us a small glimpse of the one-sided political rhetoric that is being used to coach our young people. Unfortunately, the indoctrination runs much deeper than what he has shown us, and future generations will pay the price for such a wide cultural swing.