Black Student Brutally Beats White Student In Alleged Racial Attack

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A video captured a black student sucker-punching a white student in the back of the head before brutally beating him in the school hallway. The victim’s father decided to speak out about the alleged racial motivation.

A father spoke out after his son was beaten by another Scott High School student in an alleged racial attack. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The one-sided fight took place in one of the halls of Scott High School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. The video, which has been removed from social media, shows a black student approaching a white student from behind, sucker-punching him in the back of the head and throwing him to the ground. The attacker then straddles his victim, unleashing a series of blows as the stunned teen desperately tries to block the hits.

“Three individuals approached him from behind,” Jason Gilmer, the victim’s father, told FOX19. “One was recording and setting it up and the other individuals snuck up behind him, punched him in the back of the head, and sent him to the ground.”

Incredibly, the boy’s father said that his son didn’t even know his attacker. Even more disturbing was the alleged reason for the beat down. According to Gilmer, his son was attacked because the three young men believed he was a white supremacist due to the way he dresses.

“Some of his friends had told him that — the statements that were made prior to the attack — that his last period class was full of racists and the way he dressed,” Gilmer said.

A black student sucker-punched a white student in the back of the head before throwing him to the ground. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Scott High School
The father of the victim said his son was attacked because he was accused of racism over the way he dresses. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A school employee informed FOX19 NOW that the attack was a “punch for hire,” suggesting that a senior student had paid a freshman to beat up the boy. Both Gilmer and his son had no idea why he was targeted.

“His pride and ego is hurt on it. Of course, his first reaction was he’s going to handle it and take care of it himself,” Gilmer said. “After I coached him and talked to him, I told him that’s not how we handle things.”

Gilmer said that he wanted to press charges against the students involved but didn’t want them to go to jail. Instead, he wanted them to enter a rehabilitation program and hoped it would be a “teaching moment.”

Scott High School
A Scott High School employee claims the attack was a “punch for hire.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The case was turned over to juvenile court and the students involved were placed under investigation. Despite their acknowledgment of potential criminal charges, there was no mention of a possible hate crime.

“Due to juveniles being involved there is no further information that can be released at this time,” police said. “The Taylor Mill Police Department takes these incidents seriously and will investigate all reported crimes and make recommendations on and pursue criminal charges when violations of Kentucky law have been committed.”

Gilmer removed the online video of the incident after the Taylor Mill Police Department told him to delete it. They claimed they wanted the video removed so that it wouldn’t hinder the investigation.

Scott High School
Although the Scott High School incident was under investigation, there was no mention of a hate crime. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As the media, political leaders, and cultural influencers continually propagate the mythos that white supremacists are our nation’s greatest threat, Americans are becoming ever more divided and suspicious of one another. Disturbingly, this agitprop has seeped into the education system, tribalizing our children and creating a hostile environment in the classroom.

The media are choosing which stories to publicize and which to bury based on the narrative they wish to push. Had this been a white student brutalizing a black classmate because he suspected he is racist due to the way he dresses, the story would’ve been national news and protests would’ve ensued. The media and political elitists have created a racial issue where there was none, and they’ve now infected our children via teachers and curricula that promulgate the boogeyman of white supremacy as a national threat.