‘Immigrant’ Allegedly Tries Kidnapping, Molesting Girl — Father Shows Up

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A heart-pounding video shows a father and other angry locals confronting a man just moments after he allegedly attempted to kidnap and sexually assault the man’s daughter. Disturbingly, the encounter ends with a bizarre response from the local police.

father kidnap
Video has surfaced in which an accused child predator encounters a group of angry locals. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Video footage circulating social media apparently captures the moment a protective father confronts and assaults an accused child predator. The incident occurred in the northern English town of Widnes and captures the moment the man and his companions stop an alleged pedophile in a parking lot.

The man recording the incident speeds up to the spot where the father catches up to the suspect, who the locals refer to as an “immigrant.” He then delivers several powerful blows to the suspect’s face and head before the alleged predator drops to the ground and curls up into a ball.

The man, who the locals repeatedly call an “immigrant,” was accused of trying to kidnap and sexually assault an 11-year-old girl. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The immigrant is repeatedly called a “nonce,” which is British slang for “pedophile.” He lies on the ground, glancing around in bewilderment before he is eventually confronted by several other individuals accusing him of targeting a child.

“That’s my daughter,” says the father to the migrant as the man filming the video continues to berate him, saying, “F—ing nonce off somewhere else.”

“That’s what you get…f—ing chasing little girls round, you f—ing horrible immigrant c–t,” he adds.

Just as he says this, a little girl can be seen in the background exiting a car and running over to the man who delivered the beating. For nearly a minute, he consoles someone who appears to be another young girl. The man recording the encounter then urges another man to put the immigrant in the trunk of his car so he can “take him somewhere.” A young woman then storms up to the suspect and screams at him before smacking him in the head.


As the immigrant stumbles to his feet and attempts to walk away, several people scream at him to “sit” and “stay” while they await the arrival of the police. The suspect doesn’t seem to understand English very well, as he tries to approach the man recording him only to be shouted back.

Although they apparently called the police, the confronters weren’t so thrilled with their response. According to Summit News, Twitter users claim that the father was arrested for assaulting the suspected child predator, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

father kidnap
Allegedly, the victim’s father brutally assaults the suspected child predator. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While many social media users expressed their outrage toward the immigrant, others pointed out that the clip provides no evidence that any crime was committed other than the recorded assault.

“Didn’t see anything in the video except the supposed ‘illegal migrant’ being roughed up,” one said.

“Where is the rest of the footage,” another asked.

Others voiced their indignation toward child predators as well as the country’s judicial system and immigration policies.

“Personally, I can’t understand why the father didn’t keep beating him until he was dead,” one user wrote. “Leaving him alive only gives him another chance to abduct someone else’s child.”

“Why are they mad at him? This is just cultural diversity and enrichment!” another wrote.

“Of course they arrested the father! Wouldn’t want to offend an illegal immigrant and accuse him of attempted child molesting! Parents should take this as a warning, this will happen more often!” another commented.

father kidnap
Social media users have alleged that the father of the girl was arrested for assault. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The video exemplifies every parent’s worst nightmare as well as their instinctive reaction. There’s no question that many parents would have done the same if they believed that their child was nearly snatched up by a child predator.

With crimes against children often going unpunished, citizens are losing faith in the slow and sometimes incompetent justice system. Unfortunately, many feel there is no choice but to take matters into their own hands in order to protect the most vulnerable among us.