Principal Bans Athlete Photo From Yearbook For ‘Promoting Racism’

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After complaints arose concerning a yearbook photo, a New Jersey principal came forward to apologize for unintentionally “promoting racism” and “microaggressions” all because of what was captured in the football team’s picture.

A New Jersey principal apologized for a photo that he says promoted “racism” and “microaggressions.” (Photo Credit: Facebook)

When Millburn High School in New Jersey began compiling images for use in the yearbook, the administration had nearly half a year to decide which photos should make the cut. Unfortunately, that was more than enough time for the cultural winds to shift, making one particular picture suddenly taboo.

Thanks to cancel culture, one complaint can easily stir an outrage mob to attack an individual’s reputation, job, or even their life. Unsurprisingly, the mere threat of cancelation is enough for those in powerful positions to kowtow to the vocal social justice activists in an instant.

Millburn High School
Principal William Miron issued an apology for overlooking an allegedly racist photo. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to a letter from Millburn High School principal William Miron, administrators received “dozens of emails” shortly after the yearbook was distributed to students. Parents and students alike took issue with a photo spread featuring the football team, which contained a symbol of racism.

The item which drew such criticism was none other than a “thin blue line” flag atop a pole, which one of the athletes was holding in the 2-page spread. “Thin blue line” is a phrase used to represent the law enforcement officers as a divider between criminal violence and society. Unfortunately, the symbology has provoked controversy in the wake of an anti-police atmosphere led by the media.

Millburn High School
The photo shows a Millburn High School football player holding a “thin blue line” flag to show support for law enforcement officers. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Following the uproar, principal Miron released a statement not only explaining the yearbook staff’s use of the imagery but subsequently apologizing for overlooking what he claims is now an undeniable expression of racism.

“We were notified this afternoon of a Yearbook picture that is understandably appalling. (The picture shows the football team carrying the American flag and the controversial thin blue line flag.) We understand the disappointment,” Miron wrote. “That photo was taken in October on a community outreach day where our Athletic Program honored our recreation teams and D.A.R.E program. The administration thought of the flag as a symbol of support for our town’s police force. School leaders did not realize at the time that the flag was a statement promoting racism or any microaggressions. Certainly, we cannot hide behind our ignorance.”

Miron went on to say that school officials approved the photo too hastily. He insinuated that the flag or any other reference to the “thin blue line,” and presumably any support for police, would no longer be allowed in future yearbook photos.

“The need for growth is apparent. I wish we had realized in October any of the negative associations with the picture. We should have known,” he continued. “I personally can only apologize that I did not. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past but we can change the direction we must head. We must use this as an opportunity to recommit to social justice and racial equity. We can and will continue to do better. I thank everyone for bringing this matter to our attention.”

Law enforcement charity Brothers Before Others issued a scathing response to the Millburn High School principal. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Following the controversy, a spokesperson for law enforcement charity Brothers Before Others issued a scathing response to Miron’s statement, pointing out false accusations and hypocrisy.

“While no amount of cowardice and abandonment surprises me coming from elected/appointed officials in regards to support for law enforcement, I especially find it distasteful when those opinions are projected onto our youth; especially by someone whose salary is paid in part by tax payers – all of whom may NOT share your jaded opinions,” the charity stated. “The cancel culture and hypocrisy being accommodated by those in positions to educate rather than propagate more hate is embarrassing.

The charity debunked the myths surrounding police officers and didn’t hold back when directly addressing the school administration’s feckless decision.

“There is not one iota of factual statistical data that supports ANY of the false narratives being applied to the American police officer. In fact, FBI data shows a drastically opposite story. What we are seeing played out across our nation is nothing more than a temper tantrum being acted out by a spoiled, entitled and misguided generation being fed and aided by politically motivated and self preserving adults with narrow shoulders. It is disgusting that you would express a broad-stroke opinion of an entire profession thus displaying the same kind of bias that you allege to stand against.”

The police charity extended an offer to engage in an open dialogue with the Millburn High School principal and school officials. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the charity had some harsh words for Miron and his administration, they have extended an offer to sit down with the school and engage in dialogue that would bring the entities together and squash misconceptions about law enforcement.

Principal Miron has made it clear that his administration won’t tolerate support for local law enforcement. Disturbingly, the school’s action is not only contributing to the division in its community but also propagating dangerous falsehoods to its impressionable students.