Priest Arrested For Having Threesome With Dominatrices On Church Altar

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A priest was arrested for having a threesome with two corset-wearing dominatrices on the church altar after the unholy trinity was captured on video by not one camera but two.

Travis Clark
Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Rev. Travis Clark, a 37-year-old Louisiana priest, was arrested after allegedly filming himself having sex with two dominatrices on the altar at his Catholic church, according to the NY Post. However, it wasn’t his video that got him in trouble. Little did he or his sadomasochistic companions realize, there was another camera rolling during their forbidden tryst.

After noticing the lights inside Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River were on later than usual on a Sunday night, a passerby decided to investigate, NOLA reported. When the unidentified witness peeked inside for a closer look at what might be going on just before 11 pm, they were greeted by a sight they likely never anticipated.

Stock image (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

A priest was half-naked and having sex with two women on the altar, which is among the most sacred of church spaces in Roman Catholic tradition, serving as the focal point of the Mass and the place where a priest consecrates the Eucharist during the sacrament of Holy Communion. The women were dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots, and the altar was adorned with stage lighting and several plastic sex toys, which the women were using while engaging in intercourse with Clark, who was still wearing his priestly attire.

A cellphone, mounted on a tripod, was also recording the act, but that wasn’t the only camera to catch the unholy trinity. The witness quickly pulled out a camera of their own and also began recording. Armed with video footage of the unorthodox sexual encounter taking place in the church, the passerby-turned-witness called the Pearl River Police, and it wasn’t long before Rev. Travis Clark was busted.

Travis Clark
The Rev. Travis Clark (Photo Credit: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Police arrived at the church, where they viewed the witness’s recording, arrested Rev. Clark on obscenity charges, and confiscated the sex toys and camera equipment as evidence. Although the Archdiocese of New Orleans would not give specifics about why he was arrested when it was announced, new details emerged in court filings, painting “a lurid picture of a priest recording himself engaged in sexual roleplay while desecrating a sacred place within the church.”

The women told police they were at the church to film “roleplay” with the priest, and cops determined that everything that went on that night was consensual, but that didn’t stop the trio from being arrested. Along with Clark, the two women involved in the depraved deed were booked on obscenity charges. They were identified as 41-year-old Mindy Dixon and 23-year-old Melissa Cheng. Police said the charge stems from “obscene acts [that] occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street” and in view of the public.

Mindy Dixon (Photo Credit: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office)

According to public records, Dixon is an adult film actress, who also works for hire as a dominatrix. On a social media account associated with Dixon, a post made the day prior to the threesome said she was on her way to the New Orleans area to meet another dominatrix “and defile a house of God.”

In addition to his duties at the church, Clark was named chaplain of Pope John Paul II High School in Slidell, succeeding Rev. Pat Wattigny, who resigned from that position over inappropriate text messages sent to a student. Rev. Wattingly also reportedly disclosed to Archbishop Gregory Aymond that he had sexually abused a minor in 2013. He was removed from public ministry and added to the archdiocese’s list of clergy whom the church believes have been credibly accused of molestation.

Melissa Cheng (Photo Credit: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Clark, who was ordained in 2013, was suspended from the archdiocese after his arrest. The archbishop of the New Orleans Archdiocese visited the church to perform a ritual that would restore the sanctity of the altar since, according to church law known as canon law, when sacred places are violated they must be “repaired by penitential rite” before they can be used again in the Mass.

The law prohibits people from having sex within public view, and in the state of Louisiana, a conviction could result in six months to three years in prison. However, many Christians and Catholics alike will say it’s not the earthly punishment that these three should fear. Not only was the act itself contrary to the biblical teachings, but it was also done in the house of God. Lord have mercy on us all when this is the behavior going on in our churches.