Parents Took 5 Kids To Dinner, Handed Note About Their Children

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Taking multiple young children out to eat is no easy task. Often, it feels like herding cats and leaves parents with immense anxiety over how their children might behave. One couple knew this but chose to take their five kids out to eat anyway. Much to their surprise, a stranger was watching their family of seven and felt the need to write them a note about their children’s behavior in the restaurant.

Ryan Maggie Bokrost
When Ryan and Maggie Bokrost took their large family out for dinner at Rico’s Hacienda, a stranger slipped them a note about their children’s behavior. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Ryan and Maggie Bokrost know all too well how difficult it can be to take multiple children out to dinner. Being a large family, they know that some meals are calmer than others since even one child can be a handful. When you have five, dinner out is always a gamble, not knowing if it will be eaten in peace or chaos. But, that’s a risk the Bokrosts were willing to take when they headed out for a family dinner at Rico’s Hacienda in Woodlands, Texas.

Since Rico’s advertised a family-friendly setting, it seemed like the perfect place to go for a family with five children, where they wouldn’t have to worry about strangers throwing daggers with their eyes if their kids were a little rowdy. So, Ryan and Maggie Bokrost took their large family out for dinner at Rico’s on a Wednesday evening, and much to their delight, they thought everything had gone well. Then, they asked for the bill, only to realize their children’s behavior had caught the attention of a stranger.

When Ryan and Maggie Bokrost asked for the bill, they were given a personalized note instead. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
The note, complimenting the parents on their children’s behavior, left Ryan and Maggie Bokrost speechless. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After asking for the check, a stunned Ryan and Maggie Bokrost were told it had already been paid. Not only that, the generous stranger had left them a personalized note, which talked about the way their children acted that night in the restaurant. “I asked for the bill and the waiter brought me the little booklet with the note in it. I was speechless and not quite sure what was going on,” Ryan recalled.

“Sir I was so impressed with your family tonight. Your children were well-mannered and courteous. You two should be proud as parents. You both have done well,” the note read, according to Click2Houston. “It was my pleasure to pay your bill tonight. Your family is truly a breath of fresh air in the days of children screaming and running around. Have a blessed day and week.”

Ryan Maggie Bokrost
Ryan and Maggie Bokrost said the experience left them feeling blessed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The family of seven said they felt blessed after their experience at Rico’s and explained that they have put in the effort to teach their children to behave. “We just try to make sure to let them know that when they are out in public, specifically, that they are well-behaved,” Ryan said, explaining what he and Maggie had taught their five children, who range in age from 4 to 14.

“It’s about being a blessing to everyone around you,” Maggie added. Thanks to the letter, the Bokrosts realized that the important lessons they had taught their children hadn’t gone unnoticed. Although the family had hoped to thank the kind stranger for their heartfelt words and generous gesture, the person who wrote the note and paid their bill was already gone and the note hadn’t been signed.

The stranger’s act of kindness won’t be forgotten by the Bokrost family. “This person stepping out and bringing the good instead of the bad was very nice,” Ryan said. He and Maggie added that they used the opportunity to teach their children that no matter how young they are, they can still impact the world.

Indeed, while it’s often a child’s nature to be curious, playful, and even social with strangers, such behavior in a public space meant for dining can be not only distracting but dangerous. Thankfully, the Bokrost family proved that with a little communication, education, and discipline, even a family with five children can manage to have dinner without interrupting others. In addition, their story reminds all of us that sometimes a simple compliment can go a long way — and having your parenting praised for your children’s good manners and conduct has to be one of the most flattering compliments a mom and dad can get.