VIDEO: Crook Tries To Snatch Purse, But Victim’s Kids Aren’t Having It!

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A brazen crook was caught on video, trying to snatch a woman’s purse in broad daylight. Thankfully, the intended victim’s grown children witnessed the ordeal, and they weren’t about to stand idly by while their mother was targeted by a purse snatcher. Instead, the pair sprang into action, and that was captured on video too.

purse snatcher
A would-be purse snatcher approaches an unnamed 54-year-old woman as she returns to her home in Oakland. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A 22-year-old woman, only identified by her first name Jamie, had just driven her 54-year-old mother home when the older woman became the target of a suspected purse snatcher. The unnamed 54-year-old woman was walking up the steps of her Oakland, California home when a man began quickly moving down the sidewalk towards the pair. Unfortunately for him, things wouldn’t go as he had seemingly planned.

Shortly after the daughter arrived to drop her mother off, the man is seen in video footage captured by a nearby surveillance camera taking a fast left turn and heading up the steps after the woman. He is then seen attempting to snatch her purse in broad daylight, according to The Blaze. Luckily for the intended victim, her grown children were nearby and didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

Unfortunately for the would-be purse snatcher, the victim’s son was outside and neither he nor his sister was about to let the guy get away with their mother’s belongings. Instead, the son and daughter sprung into action as the suspect pulled on the purse while attempting to escape back down the steps of the home to the sidewalk, dragging his intended victim down the steps as he went.

Quickly coming to their mother’s defense, 22-year-old Jamie — who was presumably already on or near the door of the home when her mother began walking up to the house — is seen entering the footage next to her mother as the 54-year-old woman is being pulled down the steps by the suspect. Without hesitation, Jamie joined in the fight against the purse snatcher. Thankfully, her 17-year-old brother wasn’t far behind her.

As captured in the clip, the unnamed woman’s teenage son dashed down the steps in a matter of seconds and quickly fought with the purse snatcher as Jamie and her mother tumbled backward and fell onto the sidewalk against the car. The suspect began to flee, and the son and daughter briefly rushed to their mother’s side. After checking to see that she was okay, the siblings turned their attention back to the crook.

The brother and sister rushed down the street, chasing the crook. Although the suspect managed to escape in a getaway car, he appeared to flee the scene empty-handed. The siblings have since been hailed heroes for fighting off their mother’s attacker and chasing him away, but the dynamic duo says they only had one thing on their mind during the frightening ordeal — their mother’s safety.

“Sometimes parents get nervous very easily, and they don’t know what to do,” Jamie told a reporter from ABC 7 News. “As the younger generation, we try to protect the elder generation,” she added, explaining that neither she nor her brother was thinking of their only safety. Their only concern was protecting their mom from the purse snatcher.

Thanks to the brave brother and sister, their mother wasn’t badly injured, suffering only minor scrapes from her scuffle with the purse-snatcher. Sadly, however, this wasn’t a first for the family. Calling this incident “bad luck,” Jamie revealed that her family had been attacked and robbed twice before with each incident having occurred in different parts of the city.

“Personally I think it’s more than just bad luck,” reporter Dion Lim wrote in a tweet regarding the attempted purse snatching incident. “Something bigger needs to be fixed,” she concluded with the hashtag “StopAsianHate.”

Indeed, something bigger needs to be fixed when criminals are so emboldened that they attack in broad daylight, not seeming to have any care or concern that they could be caught on camera and held accountable for their crimes. That’s a blatant disregard for the law and for humanity in general, and it’s time something is done about it. The question is what? I personally think a good start would be getting tougher on crime. Yeah, I’m talking to you, California, and your crime-ridden cities.