Cafe Posts List Of ‘Requirements’ For Getting Hired, Forced To Remove It

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A juice cafe posted a sign listing the eight requirements applicants must have to get hired. However, the sign soon went viral, sparking a massive backlash and forcing the owner to issue an apology.

Kreation Organic faced a backlash after its list of hiring “requirements” went viral. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Having seen its fair share of applicants, Kreation Organic in California hoped its help wanted sign would catch the attention of worthwhile employees. Unfortunately, it sparked a backlash that continued to haunt the shop owner long after the sign was removed.

In the age of entitlement, it’s getting more difficult for business owners to find reliable employees to fill positions. Sadly, it’s common for companies to go through dozens of new hires before coming across someone who actually wants to earn their paycheck.

Kreation Organic
A sign in the Kreation Organic revealed the company is looking for an employee who “doesn’t cry” ad “has no bullsh*t.” (Photo Credit: Twitter)

A Twitter user uploaded a photo of a poster in the window of Kreation Organic. The help wanted sign stated that the juice bar was “still looking for that special person” to work the shop. However, it was the list of job requirements that had the internet in an uproar.

The sign described the ideal applicant as someone who is “actually available,” “doesn’t cry”, and “has no bullsh*t,” among other characteristics. If potential new hires believe they meet the criteria, they are encouraged to apply online, Insider reports.

Still looking for that special person. You know the one…

・Actually available

・Has an open schedule

・Doesn’t cry

・Is never late

・Has no excuses

・Works hard

・Has no bullsh*t

・Smiles no matter what

…That one!

Think you might be the one?

Kreation Organic claims the sign was created by the hiring manager and never went through owner Marjan Sarshar (pictured) for approval. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After the image racked up thousands of comments, many shaming the “offensive” and “insensitive” requirements, the owner of the juice cafe spoke up. Hoping to do some damage control, Marjan Sarshar addressed the outrage mob, explaining that the sign was a mistake that was unfortunately overlooked.

The company claims that the hiring manager who created the poster did so without the approval of either the marketing manager or Sarshar and that they are deeply sorry for any upset the message may have caused.

“The sign was created by our HR-hiring manager and did not go through the normal approval process for marketing materials (through the COO marketing manager, or owner) before print. We love our Kreation family and we always emphasize positive language in our signage that aligns with our values and company culture. From a newly hired-HR perspective, their explanation was that they are in a very frustrating position given the current climate with the job market and difficulty retraining good employees. While their intentions with the sign were good and light-hearted, we absolutely agree that the wording on the signage was way too harsh,” the company wrote.

Kreation Organic
Kreation Organic apologized to those who were offended and immediately removed the sign. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The business expressed sympathy to those who believe the wording on the sign was “too harsh” and blamed the hiring manager for failing to use “Kreation language.”

“The ironic part is, when we first read the sign, Marjan (the owner), our COO, and members of our upper management team were laughing at the fact that we are super emotional and crying to each other at times. Many of us would not have been hired if never crying was really an expectation. At the same time, we know our HR manager means well. Please give them the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t familiar enough with our ‘Kreation language’ yet,” they wrote.

Kreation Organic took down the poster, according to the original Twitter user, and hopes to move past the backlash. However, reviews left on the company’s social media pages show that the internet isn’t willing to overlook the offense.

The controversial sign may have actually worked in the company’s favor, as it’s weeding out hyper-sensitive potential applicants. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The company’s apology has failed to quell the outrage over the sign. However, the poster may have surprisingly done what it intended.

It’s safe to say that the hyper-sensitive potential employees have been warded off from applying due to their offense over the requirements. Additionally, those with a good sense of humor and an understanding of what a small business expects from its employees will probably be lining up to apply.