Choir Teacher Segregates Students To Show Who’s ‘Oppressed’

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A leaked lesson plan shows that a Minnesota choir teacher segregated her students based on race, religion, and other characteristics, pitting them against one another as the “oppressed” and the oppressors.

Odelis Anderson
A Minnesota middle school is under fire after a lesson plan instructing children to segregate was leaked. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A middle school choir teacher segregated her students in an experiment accusing certain children of being oppressors and others as being oppressed. According to the lesson plan obtained by TheBlaze, Odelis Anderson divided sixth-graders into groups, labeling them either “privileged” or “targeted” based on their skin color and other characteristics.

Music students at Sunrise Park Middle School near St. Paul were segregated by various “types of oppression, including racism, sexism, religious oppression, heterosexism, and xenophobia, according to a chart students were given.

In an introductory note, Anderson told students, “Last week, we talked about how hard it is to talk about race, and the level of difficulty is different for different people. For people who are privileged, it’s much easier to talk about race and other issues. For people who are not privileged, it’s much harder. Today, we will look at different types of oppression, and whether each of us is in the privileged group or the targeted group.”

Odelis Anderson
Choir teacher Odelis Anderson (left) forced students to segregate into “privileged” and “targeted” groups based on race and other characteristics. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

With every teachers union demand and federal legislation, the public education system more closely resembles the tool of the far-left. Critical Race Theory, social justice, and equity are now basic principles of academia, churning out child activists who believe our founding institutions are systemically racist and must be dismantled to usher in the progressive utopia.

Just 60 years after segregation ended, it’s once again rearing its ugly head in our children’s classrooms. Disturbingly, the immorality of collectively judging individuals by certain immutable traits is making a comeback, and the ones touting it as virtuous are shaping the next generation’s minds for hours each day.

Students who are white, male, Christian, and heterosexual were automatically considered the most privileged. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Expectedly, those who were forced to join the “privileged groups” were children who are white, male, Christian, heterosexual, and were born in the United States. Students lumped into the “targeted groups” included anyone who is non-white, female, non-Christian, LGBT, and foreign-born.

The school confirmed that the experiment did occur and was part of a “social-emotional lesson.” Odelis Anderson, however, hadn’t responded to questions from TheBlaze at the time the report was published.

Children who are non-white, female, non-Christian, and LGBT were labeled as oppressed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Anderson is far-left on the political spectrum, as is evident by her own social media and work profiles. According to her Facebook account, she is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, the LGBT agenda, and Planned Parenthood. Her LinkedIn profile includes her commitment to giving a “socially diverse and just education” to children. Of course, the education might be racially segregated.

Director of communications Marisa Vette explained that segregation is enacted in the classroom several times a week. She added that the lesson is done in all first-hour courses, not just in Anderson’s class.

In the email, Vette explained that the purpose of the lesson was “to help students understand that everyone is different and everyone experiences the world differently,” adding, “We wanted our students to listen to each other’s perspectives and put themselves in others’ shoes.”

She also noted the activity is a part of a series of “social-emotional lesson[s]” conducted by the school during the homeroom hour “a couple times a week,” in which students are instructed about a number of topics, “including self awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.”

The school admitted that the segregated lessons are conducted multiple times a week. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The school again reiterated its dedication not to equality but to equity. While equality means everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed, equity ensures that the game is rigged against some in order to boost others to a position they didn’t earn but obtained solely based on the collective claim that they are oppressed.

The bigotry that our grandparents fought to eradicate is now being thrust upon our children and lauded as progress. This divisiveness only fosters hate and envy, turning peers against one another and promoting self-segregation. It tells children that they are either inherently evil or are helpless victims oppressed by their peers.