4 Boys See Girl Slip Under Creek Bridge, Dive Into Deadly Current

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While playing around a creek, four boys noticed that the raging current had sucked a girl under the bridge. When the friends realized what they had seen, they all jumped into the dangerous rising water.

After heavy rains, the water in Hubble Creek had swelled and created a powerful current. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Since Missouri’s rainy season often lasts over half of the year, some days can be particularly devastating for local reservoirs. While flooding is always a major concern, rushing water is another danger. Combine these events with bridges and viaducts and you have the perfect storm for a deadly undertow.

After heavy rains, Jackson City Park had flooded, creating a natural waterpark for local children. Although many kids gather to splash around the park when this occurs, the low water bridge quickly becomes a dangerous spot, especially for children.

(Left to right) Isaiah Randol, Alex Niedbalski, Elias Kyle, and Aiden Kyle were playing around the creek when they noticed Kinsley Stuart had disappeared from the low water bridge. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

On one of these days of particularly heavy rain, Aiden Kyle, Elias Kyle, Isaiah Randol, and Alex Niedbalski were all playing around in Hubble Creek. The boys had noticed Kinsley Stuart wading in the ankle-deep water that swept over the walkway. However, when they looked back a moment later, the little girl had vanished.

“We were all at the park. It was raining and the water was higher, over the bridge, and we were all swimming, splashing and having fun. There was a little girl and we were all wondering where she went,” Aiden told KFVS. “I saw her hand on top of the bridge part, so I jumped in and I grabbed on.”

Realizing what had happened, 11-year-old Aiden immediately ran over to the rushing water and jumped in. He grabbed Kinsley’s arm and tried to pull her up so that she could breathe. However, the current was too strong. Instead, the powerful backwash dragged him down along with her.

Aiden Kyle dove in first and grabbed Kinsley Stuart but was sucked down into the current, prompting his friends to jump in after him. (Photo Credit: Facebook, Facebook)

When Aiden sank below the surface, Elias, Isaiah, and Alex sprang into action. The boys all jumped into the water, thinking nothing of their own safety. Together they managed to help Aiden pull Kinsley out of the strong current and onto the bridge. In total, the little girl had been underwater for about 15 seconds before being rescued by the boys.

“He was getting sucked in with her, so I jumped in and I grabbed her hand with him and we both pulled,” Isaiah said. “Then the other two boys jumped in and it took four boys to pull this girl out because it was that strong.”

After Kinsley had fallen over the upstream side of the walkway, the current trapped the child against the concrete wall. The force of the water then began pushing her into one of the 12-inch culverts that allow water to pass under the bridge, The Cash-Book Journal reports. Luckily, the boys had power in numbers.

“The mother was unaware of the kind of danger there,” Public Works Director Kent Peetz said. “It’s not a splash pad. There are no lifeguards there.”

Kinsley Stuart
Together the boys managed to pull 5-year-old Kinsley Stuart out of the underwater culvert, saving her life. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The boys have since been hailed heroes. After Kinsley was released from the hospital without injury, her mother, Casey Stuart, thanked the boys with a surprise — a lifetime supply of free meals from their restaurant.

“We do want to say thank you to the boys from Kennys. We own Kenny’s flipping burgers. And we want to let you boys know that you guys can eat with us forever, for free. Because there is no amount of money, that can ever be put on what you did,” she said.

After the incident, the City said they planned to install caution signs along the low water bridge to ensure that parents understand the danger. However, they didn’t have a solution to create a safer design for the underwater culverts.

Kinsley Stuart
The family of the little girl presented the boys with a lifetime supply of free meals from their restaurant. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Parents often underestimate the dangers that water poses to their children, especially rushing currents. Even water that doesn’t appear to be very strong or deep can create powerful currents and backwashes that even experienced swimmers would have trouble escaping.

The boys risked their own lives to save the little girl. Without hesitation, they jumped into the rushing water to help pull out the child and their friend. If it had not been for their actions, the little girl likely wouldn’t be here today. For this, they deserve all the praise and thanks we can give.