Councilwoman Demands ‘Gun Control’ After Man Shoots Teen Robbers

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When a pair of armed teens tried to rob a man, he fought them before ultimately pulling his own firearm and shooting them. After a councilwoman began calling for “gun control,” the district attorney came forward with his response.

Kevin Steele
After a pair of armed 17-year-olds were shot while carrying out a robbery, District Attorney Kevin Steele came out with a response. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When it comes to self-defense, many would argue that nothing beats a properly armed and trained gun owner. Security systems can only alert an individual of a home breach and police officers can’t be everywhere at once, so a firearm in the hands of a good guy can mean the difference between life and death, which has proven time and again to be the case.

As a man was walking to his car from a nearby residence in Norristown, Pennsylvania, police say that two teens armed with a gun confronted him. The 17-year-old boys demanded his possessions as they pointed the weapon at the man. However, instead of handing over his things, the man turned the tables on his attackers.

The man tried to wrestle a gun away from the armed teens but was forced to shoot them with his own legally registered firearm. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Police say that there was a struggle as the man fought back against the teens. He attempted to disarm the teens but was unsuccessful, and the three wrestled for control of the gun. After exhausting every effort, the man resorted to his last line of defense. He quickly drew his own gun and shot the attackers, killing both of the young men, KYW reports.

Officials confirmed that the man used his legally registered firearm, shooting one of the teens five times and the other once in the torso and the finger. He then immediately rendered first aid to the pair as he called 911. Sadly, he could not save the teens and both succumbed to their injuries. Due to their juvenile status, the names of the suspects have not been released.

Norristown City Councilwoman Tiffani Hendley called for “gun control.” (Photo Credit: Provided)

Police recovered a “ghost gun” with an extended 30-round magazine at the scene. The shooter was brought in for questioning, but he was later released without charges as the investigation continued. Of course, once word spread of the incident, some citizens quickly turned the focus to gun control.

“When you hear 17 and then you see a gun was found, it’s like, ‘what are we doing about this gun control?’ It’s running rampant,” Norristown City Councilmember Tiffani Hendley told WCAU.

“The incidents of violence are definitely increasing,” community activist and former judge Greg Scott said. “My concern is, with the trend the way they’re going, is we’re in for a hell of a summer if we don’t fix this.”

Following the incident, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office came forward with a response. Despite calls for action, District Attorney Kevin Steele announced that there are no plans to charge the shooter and that his response was consistent with self-defense.

“The man who shot the two males was questioned then released, and has not been charged,” District Attorney Kevin Steele said. “We have a lot of work to do on this investigation.”

Kevin Steele
District Attorney Kevin Steele announced that there was no plan to charge the shooter and that the incident would be treated as self-defense. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While neither the police nor the DA had any plan to charge the shooter, it was said that there could still be charges brought against him in the future as evidence is gathered. However, as the DA has suggested, the shooting seems to be in self-defense and the shooter was cleared by law enforcement officials.

From the details that were released, it looks as if the shooter tried everything in his power to save the teens from their fate. Despite having the right to shoot once they brandished their weapons against him, he still tried to disarm them. Sadly, the teens chose to play with fire and suffered horrendous consequences. Unfortunately, it likely would have been the other way around had their victim been unarmed.