Texas Attorney Caught On Camera Trying To Shoot Ex-Girlfriend

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A shocking video has gone viral after capturing a Texas attorney trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend at an Austin bar. Things took an immediate and shocking turn, but the story didn’t end there. Instead, controversy ensued, and it became even more unbelievable in the days that followed.

Gavin Rush
Gavin Rush, a 41-year-old Texas attorney (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

Gavin Rush, a 41-year-old Texas attorney, allegedly stormed into the Anderson Mill Pub in Austin, where his ex-girlfriend worked, around 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning armed with a gun. As Rush approached his ex-girlfriend, who was behind the bar, he put a small leather satchel on the counter in front of him. He then asked if he could speak with his ex. When she said no, things took a frightening turn.

“So you just aren’t going to talk to me?” Rush reportedly asked his ex, who was standing behind the bar during her shift at the pub.

Rush drew a gun from the satchel and pointed it at his ex. With the laser sight aimed at her chest, two customers at the bar lept into action, tackling Rush, who reportedly fired off multiple shots in the struggle, the NY Post reported. The heart-pounding 16-seconds was caught on security camera footage from inside the bar and shared by Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly, but the story didn’t end there. Instead, public outrage soon ensued.

According to one of the customers, three shots were fired in total, including one that shattered the mirror behind Rush’s ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, no one was struck in the altercation, and the brave customers who tackled Gavin Rush were able to hold him until the police arrived. However, the incident did leave them shaken. In fact, one of the customers who tackled Rush admitted that rewatching the footage of the incident makes him “just want to throw up.”

“I don’t remember doing this, but I pushed his hand up and the gun went off,” the customer, who wished to remain anonymous, recalled. “Then, we started flying backward. I turned and grabbed him around the neck and another shot went off,” he added. “I’m completely deaf in my left ear right now,” the rescuer said.

Gavin Rush was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon family violence, a second-degree felony. An emergency protection order was issued against him, and he was soon back on the streets after making a $40,000 bond, KVUE reported. Letting Rush out on bond was apparently a very bad idea and potentially something authorities should have recognized as such after hearing from witnesses.

Gavin Rush
Gavin Rush (Photo Credit: Austin Police Department)

One of the customers, who helped tackle Rush, said the Texas attorney tried to shoot himself in the head as they took him to the floor, but the man said he was able to keep Rush’s finger off the trigger. It was also revealed that Rush had been trying to rekindle his relationship with his ex, but she was in a new relationship and had recently stopped answering his text messages after he threatened to harm himself and his ex’s new partner.

Both of the customers who helped tackle the crazed attorney were familiar with the former couple’s backstory, and they weren’t happy to hear that Rush was out on bond, according to Fox 7 Austin.

“For $4,000, you can get out, go home, watch Netflix after trying to murder your ex-girlfriend — are you kidding me?” one of the customers said.

Gavin Rush was released on $40,000 bond after allegedly trying to kill his ex. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was also revealed that Gavin Rush was previously charged in a domestic violence case in which he allegedly choked out a woman in Williamson County in 2017. The case was ultimately dismissed after he completed anger management counseling. So, it comes as no surprise that local leaders also spoke out against how quickly and easily he was released from custody.

“This particular case seems to be one where the courts have failed this victim,” Thomas Villarreal, head of the Austin Police Association, admitted.

“This attorney belongs behind bars, pending a lengthy jury of his peers. I’m deeply disturbed watching this video and committed to a safe city,” tweeted Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly, whose district encompasses the pub.

It quickly became apparent that the customers and local leaders were right. Gavin Rush shouldn’t have been released, but not for the reasons they might have thought. Following the incident, Rush was fired from his position at the law firm where he had previously worked, the law firm confirmed. Days later, he was found dead.

Four days after allegedly attempting to kill his girlfriend, Gavin Rush was found dead by police during a welfare check. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Stock image for visual representation only)

According to a follow-up story by the NY Post, police were conducting a welfare check when Gavin Rush was found dead. Although officers did not immediately disclose how the 41-year-old died, they said the circumstances are “not considered suspicious.” With his threats and attempts to harm himself, it would seem he used his release as an opportunity to follow through on his threats. We are only grateful that this time, he chose to harm himself and not attempt to harm another.

Sadly, this means that Gavin Rush will not be held accountable for his crimes in this life. While this saves the court’s time and taxpayers a lot of money, it’s frustrating to see someone take the “easy way out” when they should have still been behind bars. Gavin Rush’s death came just four days after he allegedly tried to kill his ex at the bar. She is alive to tell about it, thanks to two brave patrons who jumped into action and wrestled the weapon from his hands. At least we know she’s now safe from this madman, but no thanks to the courts.