Drunk Driver Kills Cop And Flees, Good Samaritan Intervenes

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A drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into a car, killing an off-duty police officer. When he started to flee the crash on foot, a good samaritan stepped into action, and it was caught on video.

Dylan Molina
When Dylan Molina attempted to flee the scene of a fatal crash, a good samaritan sprang into action. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A gut-wrenching video shows the moments after a horrific car crash took the life of an off-duty police officer in Lake Worth, Texas. A bystander captured not only the wreckage but also the efforts of a witness to bring the man responsible to justice.

The tragedy took place shortly after Dylan Molina, 26, left the bar at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Molina was apparently served at least eight double vodka Red Bull cocktails before stumbling to his rented Jeep and driving away, Fox 10 Phoenix reports. His blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

“Eight doubles, 16 single shots, is more than anybody should have in a three-hour period. Maybe even at all,” Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian said. “Clearly, not in a good place to be operating a vehicle. Clearly intoxicated. He’s holding another one of those double vodka and Red Bull drinks there, and then he simply walks away.”

Euless Police Detective Alex Cervantes was killed, but his wife and two young children survived the crash. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Even as Dylan Molina tried to pull out of the parking lot, he was involved in a minor crash and drove away. Minutes later, Molina ran a red light and crashed into a sedan, killing Euless Police Detective Alex Cervantes. The officer’s wife and two young were in the car as well and survived with injuries.

Molina exits his vehicle unscathed and is instantly confronted by Justin Gonzalez, who had witnessed the crash. He orders Molina to come with him until the police arrive. At first, Molina follows Gonzalez, but he suddenly takes off on foot, attempting to flee the scene. Just then, Gonzalez pursues and tackles Molina, who trips into a hedge of bricks.

“You stay right there, mother f**ker! You see what you did?!” Gonzalez says. “You f**king killed somebody, mother f**ker!”

While Gonzalez pinned Molina, a crowd of witnesses desperately tried to break open the sedan’s window and door in an effort to save the family. Molina was arrested shortly after. He eventually pled guilty to intoxication manslaughter, earning him 15 years in prison. Priscilla Cervantes was satisfied with the sentence but admits it doesn’t quench the pain of losing her husband and her children’s father.

“It’s not gonna bring Alex back, but at least he’s locked behind bars and not able to hurt another family like he did ours,” she said.

Although Molina was locked away for his crimes, Cervantes’ family is still pursuing justice. She has filed a lawsuit against Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and bartender Carla Richardson for continuing to give Molina alcohol even after he was clearly intoxicated. Richardson has since been charged with a misdemeanor for overserving Molina.

“You see Dylan Molina walking from behind the bar area from the inside out to the outer bar area, and you see the bartender waving him around, telling him you can’t be back there. You need to move,’” he explained. “At this point, he stumbles backwards and grabs the bar to try to maintain his balance.”

Dylan Molina
Dylan Molina was sentenced to 15 years in prison for intoxicated manslaughter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Because of Molina’s irresponsible behavior, a man has lost his life. His wife and children will never be the same. The most disturbing aspect of the tragedy is just how easily it could have been prevented by both Molina and Richardson.

Hopefully, the Cervantes family gets the justice they deserve and the peace they seek. No one should ever have to deal with the loss of a loved one simply because a few people were negligent with their decisions.