Tattooed Woman Hits Back At ‘Old People’ Who Dislike Her Tattoos

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A woman who is covered in tattoos has spoken out about society’s beauty standards and how the older generation condemns her for having tattoos. She has hit back at people who say she’s going to look bad when she’s older.

Taylor Paige Courtenay
Taylor Paige Courtenay (Photo Credit: TikTok)

Taylor Paige Courtenay posts a lot of personal information on social media about her life, her relationship, her hair, and her tattoos. However, because she has tattoos all over her body, including her neck, face, stomach, and legs, she sometimes attracts critics in the comments section, saying she might regret the ink later in life.

Well, Taylor delivered a blunt response to her haters and told them where to stick their unwelcome opinions. The TikTok user addressed the negativity she receives from people on the social media platform, posting a video on the site with a caption that reads, “I wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves.”


i wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves 🥱

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In the short clip, Taylor quotes the older generation as saying, “Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60+.” The quote seems to refer to one of the many remarks that she receives regularly. However, Taylor did not appear to be overly affected by the remark, and she humorously responded to her older critics by saying, “Bold of you to assume you even look good at 60.”

Numerous individuals expressed their approval of Taylor’s decision to make the statement, and it appears that a great number of TikTokers who have tattoos hear the same comment from friends, family, and even strangers.

One wrote: “This is my come back now when my family start about them apart from my nans cos they’re older than 60 and deserve some respect.”

Another added: “Screw them. Got my first ink at 17 and now 15 years later got sleeves, chest and back piece. Love them and no regrets. Will still think this at 60.”

A third said: “Imagine being a shallow human being at 60.”

And a fourth person gushed: “You are freaking perfect.”

Taylor Paige Courtenay 2
Taylor Paige Courtenay (Photo Credit: TikTok)

Some people regret their tattoos.

On the other hand, some users on TikTok have raised concerns about the decision to get tattoos at a young age. A woman named Sara, who is covered in ink from head to toe, went viral when she explained why she regretted the tattoos she got in her 20s. The designs she chose were very important to her. They were all custom and meaningful designs at the time.

The reason she got them was important to her, but she has just grown and changed. At the time, she just knew she was “collecting art,” but now she has deep regrets. “Imagine if you will that you put a shirt on once when you were in your 20s – and now you have to wear that for the rest of your life,” she said. “And that is what it feels like to get heavily tattooed before you turn into a fully developed adult human.”


Replying to @apache_rosee The tattoos I chose were very important to me, all custom, all with meaningful designs and elements. The reason I got them was important to me, I’ve just grown and changed and I have perspective now on WHY I got them that I absolutely did not have then. At the time I just knew I was “collecting art”. Wild that you can’t imagine someone did all the “right things” and still has regrets later. #tattooregret #tattooregrets #neurodivergent #neurospicy #autismtiktok

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The video content creator went on to say that she has questioned her tattoos for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that they do not conform to her “aesthetic.” Sara said she did not comprehend the seriousness of getting tattoos while she was in her 20s and that she did not realize “who she was” until she was in her 30s.

“All of these tattoos don’t necessarily reflect who I am at 36. They might have reflected a moment in time in my 20s, maybe a moment in time when I was not doing so well mentally, and they’re there forever,” she continued. However, Sara won’t be removing them anytime soon.

Taylor Paige Courtenay (Photo Credit: TikTok)

Taylor Paige Courtenay has no regrets about her tattoos.

In another video, Taylor Paige Courtenay teased her array of tattoos across her chest by covering up with a baggy jumper before stripping off to reveal the many tattoos across her chest and stomach. “Karen will say I’ve ruined myself,” she said with the clip. Taylor disclosed that she had “come to terms” with the realization that she would never be the kind of woman that people want to bring home to meet their parents.

“26 and coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be ‘that girl,'” Taylor said. “I’ll never be the girl they take home to their parents, I’ll never be the girl they talk about with their friends, I’ll never be the girl to be invited round for dinner, I’ll never be the girl they show off,” she admitted. “I’ll always be the temporary fix, I’ll be the girl they use to pass the time, I’ll always be the girl that’s hidden.”