Paranoid Mom Reveals Trick That Makes Strolling With Baby Safer

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A high school history teacher and “paranoid” mom has revealed her trick to being safer while strolling with her baby. Some have applauded her methods, while others were quick to offer other suggestions on how to keep both mom and baby safe while enjoying a walk. Which safety precautions do you prefer?

Courtney Fil
Courtney Fil (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Courtney Fil is a mom based in San Jose, California, who runs @courtfil on TikTok and also happens to be a high school history teacher. In a 10-second clip she posted on TikTok, Courtney revealed a safety trick that she says makes her feel more secure while strolling with her baby, and it quickly garnered the attention of fellow “paranoid” moms, who had their own safety tips to share.

If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s an awful feeling. You are pushing your baby in a stroller, focusing on the path ahead of you, when you get that eerie feeling that makes you question whether or not someone is coming up behind you with ill intent. You’re trying to engage with your little one as you push their stroller, but instead, you find yourself looking over your shoulder often to ensure you’re safe. Thankfully, Courtney Fil has a better solution, and it will cost you as little as $5.

As seen in Courtney’s clip, a “paranoid” mom can put her mind at ease simply by affixing a rearview-facing mirror to the stroller. This simple addition, which shows a reflection of what is behind the new mom, helps her avoid constantly looking over her shoulder, making her feel more secure while strolling through the park with her baby.

The best part? You can order one online rather cheaply, Courtney explained, saying people could use “any bike mirror” on their stroller. “You’re a new mom who feels 10x more safe on her daily walk because of a $5 Amazon purchase,” reads the text overlay on Courtney’s clip, which she captioned, “Head on a swivel.”

Courtney Fil uses a rearview mirror on her stroller to help keep her safe when walking with her baby. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Other moms, who admitted to feeling “paranoid” while strolling with their children, chimed in to agree with Courtney. Some even added some safety tips of their own to the comments. “I’m out here walking with a mirror, pepper spray, and a birdie alarm, I’m so paranoid on walks!” admitted one such woman.

Many shared similar sentiments, saying the idea was “smart” and stating that they were either buying one ASAP or adding one to their registry. Others, such as Zaterrica L, who goes by @zaterricalightfoo on TikTok, pointed out that a portable mirror also comes in handy for seeing behind you when putting your little one in the car.


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“Now I’m not glancing behind me every 5 seconds,” wrote another mother who also uses the rearview mirror safety method, as others recommended additional ways to feel safe while walking. “‘Plegium’ pepper spray is a good send! It’s a spray, GPS, and has an alarm,” one person suggested, according to the NY Post. Yet another suggested taking a faithful companion, saying, “I have a dog that does the same and alerts me if someone is coming.”

Although there were many recommendations made, there was one particularly popular suggestion shared in the comments, which popped up repeatedly in many forms. Instead of a mirror, quite a few TikTok users suggested that moms should arm themselves, and those comments seemed favored among a lot of viewers, as indicated by the “likes” the comments received.

Courtney Fil
After Courtney Fil shared her safety tip, many suggested moms should arm themselves as well. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Even though some didn’t make the suggestion outright, it was easy to discern what was meant by comments like, “the $800 purchase on my hip,” “I feel safer with my 2nd amendment,” and one suggesting mothers also consider “a pew pew.” A firearm is considered the great neutralizer, after all, and it’s repeatedly proven effective in helping keep innocent people safe. Of course, a rearview mirror would still come in handy, even if the mother is armed.

Regardless of what other safety measures you might deploy, whether it be pepper spray, a firearm, or something else entirely, utilizing a rearview mirror is still a great idea. With it, you can see if danger is creeping up behind you, giving you time to react if necessary. It’s so easy and affordable, why not have it as an extra layer of protection? To me, that makes this one hack worth sharing, and it’s a great gift idea for expectant parents too.