Mob Jumps NY Man, Girlfriend Jumps In Green Car And Ends The Assault

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Video footage captured a group of 8 to 10 teens brutally beating a man in New York as his girlfriend helplessly watched. However, the woman quickly ended the violent assault when she jumped into a green car and barrelled toward the mob.

green car
When a mob of teens began beating her boyfriend, a panicked woman did the only thing she could to stop the violence. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although it isn’t the largest in size, New York City far outranks every other major U.S. city as far as population. With more than double the number of residents, personal space simply isn’t an option for most individuals, especially when it comes to the dense and busy streets.

So, when a couple exchanged words with a group of teens in the heart of the Big Apple, a physical reaction was almost inevitable. However, one local woman wasn’t about to stand by and watch as her partner suffered at the mercy of the violent mob.

A woman in a red top jumped into a green car as her boyfriend was being brutalized by a group of 8 to 10 teens. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In a clip posted to World Star Hip Hop, a purported group of teenagers is seen ganging up on a man after he and two women allegedly engaged in a heated conversation with some members of the group. The teens surround the man, viciously beating him as he desperately tries to get away from them.

The footage, which was taken by a witness from across the street, shows the man breaking free from his attackers and running around a parked green car in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid the blows. A woman in a red top, who is described as the man’s girlfriend, then races toward the car and hops behind the wheel.

green car
The woman makes a three-point turn before speeding toward the mob chasing her boyfriend. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As the teens continue their assault on the man, his girlfriend whips out of the parking space, clipping the bumper of the car in front of her as she pulls into the middle of the street. She then proceeds to make a three-point turn before speeding in the opposite direction of the group, which is now pursuing her fleeing boyfriend. Unfortunately, they realize too late that she isn’t driving away.

The woman steps on the gas, barrelling toward the unsuspecting mob and plows into them, mowing down several of the teens at once. The assailants go tumbling off the hood of the car as the woman comes to a stop and backs up in an attempt to flee.

The woman quickly speeds off down the street as a couple of the teens try to break the car’s windows. Several others struggle to their feet after being run over. From the footage, it appears as though the woman’s plan worked since the mob at least momentarily abandons its mission to brutalize her boyfriend.

It’s unclear whether anyone was seriously injured or if the woman’s boyfriend was ultimately able to escape his attackers. The Daily Mail reached out to the New York Police Department (NYPD) but was unable to obtain information regarding the incident. The NYPD did not confirm whether officers even received a call concerning the attack or the subsequent hit-and-run.

green car
It’s unclear whether anyone sustained serious injury. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

For the most part, viewers expressed support for the woman, suggesting that her actions were in defense of her boyfriend. Some insisted that the car was her only option to stop what may have been a critical attack on the man and possibly herself and the other woman.

Disturbingly, such violence is becoming more commonplace on the streets of major cities, and citizens are left with little defense against unruly mobs. Of course, there isn’t always strength in numbers when it comes to several thousand pounds of metal speeding in your direction.