Beloved Teacher Fired After Muslim Students Complain Of Her ‘Racism’

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After four Muslim students complained of discriminatory behavior, a beloved school teacher was promptly fired for her actions. However, the 58-year-old teacher is now suing the school over the incident, and the truth has finally emerged.

Australian teacher
The Muslim students, three boys and a girl, accused the teacher of hitting, pushing, pinching, and spitting on them. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

In southwest Sydney, a 58-year-old elementary school teacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was informed that she was being terminated for discriminatory and violent behavior. Without warning, the Australian teacher was fired for allegedly harassing and assaulting multiple students. The claims of intimidation and abuse had come from four Muslim students, three boys and a girl, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The children accused the respected teacher of repeatedly physically and emotionally abusing them after they told her that she was “no good” because she’s “not Muslim.” However, after a police investigation and lengthy and costly court proceedings, the truth has finally emerged. The Muslim children falsely accused her of abusing them because they wanted her fired. In fact, it was the children who were abusing the teacher.

Not only was the Australian teacher innocent, but it was the Muslim students who had been emotionally abusing the teacher. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Evidence of the children’s lies was uncovered when their stories began to change and adult witnesses were finally interviewed. The teacher was falsely accused of hitting, pushing, pinching, and denigrating the Muslim students, ultimately leading to her termination. However, Magistrate Daniel Covington confirmed that police failed to record the testimonies of adult witnesses who were in the classroom during the incidents, adding that much of the evidence against the teacher was found to be “implausible.”

“It is completely implausible in my view that no one else would have witnessed it,” he said.

One of the boys who accused the teacher admitted to likening her to Donald Trump and claimed that she had spit on him. However, the court found that he had made no complaint of the teacher’s alleged abuse on the day of the incident, only coming out with the claim when she was charged.

The Muslim students likened the Australian teacher to Donald Trump and called her derogatory names. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Another student told the teacher, “you’re no good” because “you’re not Muslim.” She was also given the nickname “Miss Trunchbull,” in reference to the abusive principal in the children’s film “Matilda.” Another student accused the teacher of scratching a student, and yet another said that she had pushed him up against a wall and told him to “f— off.”

In the wake of the court proceedings, the Department of Education issued a vague statement concerning their inquiries into the matter. However, they have yet to confirm if she will be eligible for rehire.

“It is not appropriate for the NSW Department of Education to comment on a court decision. Following court matters of this nature the department makes its own enquiries. This person has not been teaching at schools since the issue was first raised, with her future employment status pending the outcome of the court case and any subsequent investigation.”

Australian teacher
Although the Australian teacher has been exonerated, her career is in shambles. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

With her career in shambles and the crippling cost of court fees, the teacher’s attorney vowed to sue the police department for failing to properly investigate the matter, adding that they will be pursuing them to cover the legal fees that have resulted from their misconduct. Although she has been cleared of all charges, the children’s accusations have been damaging, to say the least.

She will undoubtedly have trouble finding employment and may fear being falsely accused by students in the future. Disturbingly, the lies of a few malicious children have cost this woman more than they will ever know. Of course, they’re not the only ones to blame. Sadly, our society has made it far too simple for an unfounded accusation to cause major damage.