White Students Forced Out Of Multicultural Center Over ‘Racist’ Sticker

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A couple of white students were studying in the school’s multicultural center when several young women confronted them over a “racist” sticker on their laptop. Citing their “white” skin, the females eventually forced the young men out of the building.

Arizona State University
A pair of young men were harassed after several other students saw a sticker on a laptop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Arizona State University has a conundrum on its hands after a pair of “white” male students were driven out of the campus’ multicultural center by several bigoted students. The young men were studying on their computers when they were confronted by multiple students who had taken offense to a sticker on a laptop.

Breitbart reports that several students harassed the young men when they spotted a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on their laptop. Immediately, the real reason for their outrage was revealed when they began disparaging the pair for their skin color, claiming that “white is not a color.”

“You’re making this space uncomfortable,” the student off camera continues. “You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space [means]? It means you’re not being centered.”

“This is the violence that ASU does, and this is the type of people that they protect,” the student says. “This white man thinks he can take up our space, and this is why we need a multicultural space, because they think they can get away with this sh**.”

The young women disparaged the men for being white and demanded they leave the Arizona State University multicultural center. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Another student then joins in the harassment, demanding that the pair leave the multicultural center because, in a stereotypically racist fashion, their kind isn’t welcome here. The aggressors then whine that their white peers have “the whole rest of the campus” where they can be “centered,” insinuating that the non-white students are treated as second-class citizens everywhere but the multicultural center.

“Every single part of the campus centers you,” the student declared. “This is the only space that you’re not centered, and you’re still trying to center yourself, which is white cis male bulls***.”

“I’m not racist, I’m just studying,” one of the white students replied.

“You are racist, your sticker is racist — you can choose to be a police, I didn’t choose to be black,” the student argues. “You can choose to be a cop, you can choose to kill people with a badge, and you’re protecting that shit, which means that you’re racist.”

Bizarrely, the confrontational student implies that officers can’t be any color other than white and are systematically hunting down non-white people. The white student explains that he “wasn’t trying to offend” anyone and would like to go back to focusing on his work.

“I know, but this offends us automatically, because these people kill people like me,” one student claims. “So you’re promoting our murderers.”

At this point, the young men have had enough of the racial harassment and baseless accusations.

Then, the white student, who appears frustrated at this point, stands up and proclaims: “I pay the same f***ing tuition as you! I’m working 60 hours a week while going to school, because my parents don’t just give me money!”

Turning Point USA announced that they will defend the young men and their constitutional rights. They have called out the flagrant racism that took place at the hands of the other students.

“We stand with the young men who were mistreated while boldly standing for freedom on our campus,” Turning Point USA at Arizona State University chapter president Julia Cartwright added. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We welcome them to join our movement to bring freedom back to ASU.”

Arizona State University
The outrage stemmed from a “Police Lives Matter” sticker. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Of course, the university treated the incident as a minor “disagreement,” refusing to call out the other students for their discriminatory harassment. Had the roles been reversed, the young men would’ve been expelled from the school immediately.

The Dean of Students Office is aware of the disagreement between a handful of students that was captured in a video circulated on social media. The Dean of Students Office will be discussing it with all involved. ASU is a community of more than 100,000 people from all 50 states and more than 150 countries. Differences of opinion are part of the university experience. The university expects respectful dialogue between students in all engagements.

Unsurprisingly, several student groups that revolve around race have made defamatory statements against the young men, accusing them of attacking the minority students with “white nationalism” and “white supremacy.”

Arizona State University
Witnesses defended the young men, but race-based student groups have slandered the pair as “white nationalist.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Universities empower this sort of racial abuse as long as it’s against those identified as white. Likewise, the schools protect and coddle openly racist students who harbor the same vile bigotry that they claim to oppose.

Through racially-based curricula, safe spaces, and even segregation, academia is regressing to the levels of Jim Crow. The only way to stop this oppression from flourishing is to stop sending our young people to their campuses.