Mom Exposes Graphic ‘Pedophilia’ In Books, School Board Makes Excuse

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A mother stood at a school board to show graphic passages and pictures from books the district has approved for children. However, despite the books containing what she described as flagrant “pedophilia,” the board had a sickening excuse.

Stacy Langton
Stacy Langton exposed the Fairfax County School Board for promoting pornographic books featuring children to students. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

During a school board meeting of the Fairfax County Public Schools, Stacy Langton took to the podium to expose the radical sexual agenda being introduced in classrooms. With print-outs of graphic imagery and text, the mama bear lambasted the district for promoting “pedophilia” and “porn” to students.

The Virginia mother has made it her mission to protect the children in her school district while at the same time calling out the predators in the public education system. Disturbingly, the ones sexualizing our children are now creeping out of the woodwork to defend their agenda openly.

Stacy Langton
The book “Lawn Boy” depicts a scenario in which fourth-graders engage in sex acts, which meets the criteria for child pornography. (Photo Credit: Twitter)
Stacy Langton
The author defended his writing, stating that the passage depicts children performing oral sex on one another but doesn’t involve any adults. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Stacy Langton read excerpts from the books “Lawn Boy” and “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” both of which are available to students at Fairfax High School’s library. While holding up photocopies of some of the pornographic illustrations the book contains, she gave a summary of the sexual acts described in the texts.

“Both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys,” Langston said. “Both books describe different acts. One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”

She added that “the illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity,” before reading from the pornographic material, which shockingly portrays a scenario involving children engaged in sex acts.

“From the author Maya Kobabe: ‘I can’t wait to have your c**k in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life, and then I want you inside me.’ From the author Jonathan Evison: ‘What if I told you I touched another guy’s d**k? What if I told you I sucked it? I was 10 years old, but it’s true. I sucked Doug Goble’s d**k, the real estate guy, and he sucked mine, too.'”

After finishing the reading, Stacy Langton went on to chastise the district, telling them, “This is not an oversight at Fairfax High School!” At this point, the board members stepped in to silence her because “there are children in the audience,” an excuse that perfectly sums up their hypocrisy.

Fortunately, Langton wasn’t about to allow the exposed board members to shut her down so easily. She fired back at them to not interrupt her allotted time, insisting that her speaking time be restored.

“Do not interrupt my time! Do not interrupt my time!” she hollered at the board. “I will stand here until my time is restored and my time is finished! These books are in stock and available in the libraries of Robinson, Langely, and Annandale High Schools!”

A board member shot back: “For high school students, ma’am.”

Langton continued, saying that “pornography is offensive to all people, it is offensive to common decency” before her mic was cut off.

The book “Gender Queer: A Memoir” features graphic sexual imagery. (Photo Credit: Twitter)
The book contains illustrations of homosexual and transgender sex acts. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Shortly after the meeting ended, school board member Karl Frisch took to Twitter to not only mock the religious families present at the meeting but also to defend the sexualization of children.

“It’s not every week the School Board receives two exorcisms during public comment,” Frisch wrote. “To be clear, nothing will disrupt our Board’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ students, families, and staff. Nothing.”

Despite Frisch’s defense of exposing students to pornography involving young children, the district confirmed the next day that the books in question have been removed from the library.

Board member Karl Frisch defended the pornographic material as part of the LGBT agenda, but the district eventually removed the books. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Both the media and author Evison have defended his book, claiming it doesn’t portray pedophilia but describes “two fourth-graders experimenting sexually.” Of course, the fact that portraying children engaging in sex acts, which is child pornography, and then selling that fantasy to other children, which is a common grooming technique, seems to be just fine with them.

The schools are infested with predators pushing their agenda on students, and they won’t stop unless they are forced. Parents must stand up and take back control of what their children are being taught.