Woman Welcomes Illegal Immigrants Onto Her Property, Regrets Decision

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Seeing the plight of migrants, a compassionate woman invited immigrant families to take shelter on her rural property. However, not long after welcoming them in, the woman quickly realized she had made a massive mistake.

After welcoming migrants onto her property, a Belgian woman regrets her generosity. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Having seen the heartwrenching stories of “undocumented immigrants” pouring through the borders, apparently fleeing persecution, Améline Simon-Hody allowed her compassion to take hold. The kind and caring Belgian woman knew that she had to do something for the terrified “women and children” desperately seeking refuge in her country.

As the owner of a sizable plot of land in the town of Spy, Améline opened up her property to wayward illegal aliens. The loving Belgian even offered them necessities and cooked meals, trying her best to help the suffering immigrants she had repeatedly seen in the news. What she’d soon realize is that the media had been lying to her.

Améline Simon-Hody
Améline Simon-Hody wants police to remove the migrants after they have become aggressive, violent, and set fire to her property. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After two and a half years of selflessly helping illegal migrants, Améline is desperate to get the migrants, most of whom are men from non-refugee African countries, off of her property. She told Belgian online newspaper LaMeuse that, despite graciously providing free aid and shelter from morning to evening, the migrants have exhibited aggression, violence, and even arson.

Améline lamented that, between the migrants’ alcohol consumption and violent outbursts, her family “did not feel safe anymore.” She explained that some of the squatters have even set her property on fire or left it littered with trash and human waste. Most disturbingly, her generosity has incentivized more migrant men moving to her land.

Over 100 migrants, most of whom are Eritrean men, plan to use Améline Simon-Hody’s property until they can move on to England. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Améline now wants the migrants gone so that she can salvage as much of her land as possible. However, her demand will not easily be met. After opening her property to several migrant families, she claims that the number has risen to over 100, most of whom are from Eritrea and are attempting to reach England for its generous taxpayer benefits, RTL reports.

“We try to do our best, they are clean…we are always behind them but it’s not easy for us. We starting to become exhausted,” she admits.

Of course, Améline isn’t the only one feeling the negative effects of her decision. Sadly, her neighbors have been forced to unite with her in caring for the migrants as well as routinely calling the police. They now await the beginning of the removal of many of the migrants’ tents and trash.

“I respect the work of the police and the neighborhood. If [the migrants] come, they come…But not on my private land! That’s for sure!” warns Améline.

Améline Simon-Hody spends every day from morning to night feeding and caring for the migrants. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Améline Simon-Hody’s property has been trashed by the migrants. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Améline Simon-Hody
Améline Simon-Hody is pleading with the local police to remove the migrants. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although they frequently help her carry the burden, Améline’s neighbors are becoming increasingly fed-up. One resident even reported that the migrants defecate in full-view of their gracious hosts.

“They were doing their business in front of my window. It bothered me, and in the summer it did not smell good, that’s why I want it to end!” declares a resident.

In a last-ditch effort, Améline personally moved some of the dozens of tents to the nearby highway. This road is just miles from a tunnel that connects to England, making semi-trucks a major target for migrants to sneak aboard in an effort to smuggle themselves into Britain.

Améline Simon-Hody
Améline Simon-Hody hopes that the migrants can move on and find proper shelter elsewhere. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Améline hopes to restore her land to its former glory and wants the police to remove all migrants. She now regrets opening her home and heart to migrants, many of whom took advantage of and flagrantly abused her hospitality.

Although it will take some time to remove every last one, the migrants will likely move on toward their goal of England. However, countless well-meaning citizens are still being fooled into believing that these migrants mainly consists of women, children, and refugees fleeing political persecution and poverty.