Immigrant Jailed for Rape and Murder of Girl Has Demands for Taxpayers

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A Syrian immigrant was jailed for raping and murdering a schoolgirl before dumping her body by the side of the road. However, now that he’s spent some time in jail, he has some demands for taxpayers.

Ali Bashar
After being accused of rape and murder, Ali Bashar has a demand for taxpayers. (Photo Credit: Polizei Wiesbaden)

During the unrest in the Middle East, 21-year-old Iraqi Ali Bashar was welcomed into Germany as a refugee. Disturbingly, his asylum status would only afford him an opportunity to unleash a series of sinister crimes upon the German people. Initially, Bashar was wanted for a string of armed robberies and a suspect in the rape of an 11-year-old girl. However, he soon committed a far more serious offense.

Not long after immigrating, Bashar was arrested by Kurdish security forces in Northern Iraq at the request of German police. The Iraqi migrant had brutally beaten, raped, and murdered 14-year-old Jewish schoolgirl Susanna Maria Feldmann before burying her corpse on the outskirts of Wiesbaden and fleeing Europe, according to The Times of Israel.

Ali Bashar has confessed to murdering 14-year-old Susanna Maria Feldmann but denies raping her. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

With evidence mounting against him, Bashar has been kept in a German prison, where he awaits his conviction. He has already confessed to the murder of the teen girl but denies the initial sexual assault. However, instead of expressing any remorse, the migrant has a few complaints that he wants the state to resolve.

According to Bild, Bashar has complained that his prison accommodations are completely unacceptable, demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for better food, his cigarette addiction, and more channels on his television. He whined that the TV only has 23 programs and that the bread in prison doesn’t suit his taste.

“Half of our session he complained about the prison conditions and the nicotine withdrawal. He even wanted to get me to get him cigarettes and other freedoms,” psychologist Dr. Hildegard Müller explained.

Ali Bashar
Ali Bashar has demanded more TV channels, free cigarettes, and tastier meals on the taxpayers’ dime. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Throughout the trial, Bashar has expressed a complete lack of empathy and appears indifferent, showing no emotion when confronted with his heinous crimes. Instead, he seems to only care about his perceived discomforts, which he insists must be remedied on the taxpayers’ dime.

Bashar admits that he strangled Feldmann to death and buried her body in a remote location. However, he maintains that he never sexually assaulted her. He was also suspected of raping an 11-year-old girl and has still not been ruled out as a suspect, Yahoo! News reports.

“The girl was raped by an Ali. There were four Alis living in the refugee home,” said Stefan Mueller, West Hesse police chief.

Ali Bashar has shown no remorse for the murder of Susanna Maria Feldmann. (Photo Credit: Screenshot, Facebook)

Disturbingly, Bashar never should have been in the country in the first place. The Iraqi’s request for asylum was rejected upon his arrival in Germany after it was discovered that he had falsified his identity papers. However, he was granted a temporary residence permit pending another appeal for asylum. In reality, he should’ve been deported months before the murder occurred.

“The government should beg for forgiveness from Susanna’s parents,” said the top-selling daily Bild. “The only thing that is worse than the murder of a child is the murder of a child by a criminal who should not have been in our country.”

While waiting for his appeal to process, Bashar embarked on a series of criminal offenses. He was wanted by the police for several crimes, including alleged robbery, possession of an illegal knife, and numerous fights. He was only accused of raping an 11-year-old girl, who was living in the same refugee shelter as him, when she came forward to officials.

Ali Bashar
Ali Bashar was supposed to be deported months before the murder but obtained a temporary residence permit in order to appeal his deportation. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After a lengthy trial, Bashar still hasn’t been convicted, due to Germany’s trouble with immigration statuses and its extensive appeals process. Sadly, even if he is convicted, Bashar could waste taxpayer funds and many years repeatedly appealing both his conviction and deportation, that is, if he is even sentenced to extradition.

Bashar’s case highlights the disastrous flaws in Germany’s immigration process and the court system. Unfortunately, he is just one of many failed asylum seekers who are caught up in the court process after having committed serious offenses.