Bodycam Captures FL Woman Throwing German Shepherd Off Balcony

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After cops were called to a Florida Motel 6, shocking bodycam footage captured a woman throwing a German Shepherd off of the motel balcony, leaving officers obviously upset. Be forewarned, the following content is graphic in nature.

Cops approach Allison Murphy at a Motel 6. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Allison Murphy, a 35-year-old Florida woman, left police officers with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office both stunned and upset after they responded to a call at the Motel 6 in Daytona Beach. Murphy had allegedly attacked a motel maid and threatened to jump off of the motel balcony, but it’s what she did when officers knocked on her door that was even more violent and appalling.

After receiving calls from motel staff — stating that a woman had been standing over the railing, threatening to jump off a second-floor balcony, and had attacked a motel maid — Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies and Daytona Beach police responded to the Motel 6 at 2992 West International Speedway Boulevard.

Allison Murphy
After coming out of the room with her dog, Allison Murphy picks up the canine. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When deputies arrived, Murphy was locked inside her room. Officers knocked repeatedly before Murphy opened the motel room door made an appearance they wouldn’t soon forget. Captured on shocking bodycam video, Murphy came out of the room with her leashed German Shepherd and quickly swooped down, picking up the dog.

Before officers could fully grasp what was happening, Murphy did the unimaginable. For reasons no one can understand, Allison Murphy quickly lifted her German Shepherd above the railing and suddenly threw the dog off of the motel’s second-floor balcony as cops watched in disbelief and horror.

Allison Murphy
As officers watched in horror, Allison Murphy throws the dog over the second-floor balcony. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The stunned officers didn’t waste any time responding to the disgusting behavior, quickly grabbing and tackling the woman to the ground, threatening to Tase her if she doesn’t stop resisting arrest. Murphy tells the cops that she is not scared, showing no concern about the wellbeing of the dog she had just thrown from the second-story balcony. Officers, on the other hand, were very concerned.

“Is that dog ok?” an officer can be heard asking as another responds, “Yeah. It took off running and I tried to grab it.”

Allison Murphy was charged with animal cruelty and resisting an officer with violence. The following day, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department shared bodycam footage of Murphy’s arrest at the Daytona Beach Motel 6, including the moment she tossed the German Shepherd off of the balcony, much to the horror of onlooking officers.

After Allison Murphy was successfully detained, officers eventually got her into a squad car before convening with the two departments to discuss the wild scene. “The dog was loose and she grabbed a hold of it and we all thought that she was going to probably bring him back inside but she just flung [her] right over the rail,” an officer explained to the group, according to Daily Mail.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the dog landed on her feet. She took off but was eventually corralled by bystanders. The German Shepherd was then taken into custody by Volusia County Animal Services — who nicknamed her Miracle — and taken to the Atlantic Animal Hospital in Port Orange for emergency evaluation.

Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy (Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office)
Miracle (Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office)

Thankfully, Miracle escaped injury from the toss and subsequent second-story fall, but an x-ray revealed that she had a sewing needle lodged in her thigh. She underwent a procedure to safely remove the needle and was reportedly recovering with Animal Services, according to a release from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

We often see animals housed in cages, but as stories like this one prove, sometimes it’s their owners who deserve to be locked up behind bars. There’s no justification for what Allison Murphy did, and she’s damn lucky police aren’t allowed to respond in kind to such behavior. I’m sure there were more than a few who would have liked to treat her the exact same way she did this innocent dog. These cops deserve a medal for maintaining their composure and not chucking this woman over the rail.