Punk Tries Robbing Man, Gets Annihilated, Screams Like Little Girl

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A video captured the moment a robber ran up to a man and aggressively shoved a gun into his face. However, the tables soon turned when the intended victim delivered a brutal beatdown that left the failed thief shrieking in the fetal position.

failed robbery
A video has gone viral after a would-be robber was left screaming in the fetal position. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A video went viral across social media for capturing a painfully embarrassing and equally hilarious failed robbery. The clip, which is captioned “Armed robbery in San Leandro, CA doesn’t go as planned,” seems to have originated on a subreddit called “Public Freakout.” Although it starts like any other armed robbery, the video has racked up millions of views for good reason.

The clip, which appears to take place in a suburban neighborhood, begins with what looks to be a young man and his accomplice running up to an unsuspecting man and shoving a gun in his face. The victim begins to back up slowly before the pair discover that their intended victim isn’t as helpless as they thought.

The man bear hugs the armed thug before slamming him to the ground. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Within an instant, the man rapidly punches the punk, twists him around into a bear hug, and brutally body-slams him on the pavement. The armed punk can be heard shouting “Oh, okay! Okay!” in shock as his accomplice panics and begins to back away.

The gun can be heard tumbling across the concrete as the young man’s body smashes into the pavement. The man then bears down on the punk, who lets out a series of ear-shattering shrieks akin to that of a trapped animal. Adding to the ridiculousness of the situation, the failed robber’s accomplice whimpers an unconvincing “hey, let him go,” while standing at a safe distance from the hero.

We can only imagine the split second that unparalleled fear washed across the young man’s face when he realized that he wasn’t in control of the situation. However, the unholy noises emanating from the previously confident punk are more than enough to convey the level of terror he must have been feeling.

The video resulted in a whirlwind of hilarity and criticism over the duo’s initially brazen attitudes which quickly devolved into the frightened reaction of a pair of children who were caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. The young man’s screams elicited comparisons to the cries of a pig, primate, or screech owl.

failed robbery
Social media users compared the young man’s screams to various animal noises. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Incredibly, the clip ends with the man benevolently letting the pair go, telling them to get the “f— out of here.” Unsurprisingly, the terrified duo sprints away in a panic, leaving the gun used to commit the attempted robbery behind on the street.

While the man was gracious enough to let the pair go without serious injury or punishment, many comments pointed out that he should have kept the young man detained until police arrived. However, such a response may not have been feasible if the accomplice decided to intervene or, worse, grab the gun.

failed robbery
The video ends with the hero letting the assailants go. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hopefully, the police were called and were able to track down these individuals before they commit other crimes. Considering that the firearm was left behind, perhaps investigators will have enough evidence to locate them.

It’s disturbing to contemplate what might have happened to the man if the pair had been able to carry out their plan. While arming citizens for their own protection is the best option, body-slamming hooligans and making them scream like a little girl is a quite satisfying second.