White Cop Being Beaten By Black Suspect, Black Citizens Step In

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While attempting to arrest a black male suspect, a lone white police officer was overpowered and brutally beaten by the man. However, things took an unexpected turn when a group of black citizens decided to take matters into their own hands.

A police officer found himself in a dangerous situation after an attempted arrest turned violent. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As racial tensions escalate, more black Americans have found themselves at odds with law enforcement than ever before. Thanks to the media, politicians, and social justice activists, many have bought into the false narrative that the police are hunting down black men across the nation out of racial hatred.

Despite the claims, minority communities are the ones hurt the most by the initiative to dismantle the police. However, it appears as though the majority of the black community understands this and is hoping to fight back against the lawlessness within its parameters.

A black male suspect began beating a white police officer, prompting black civilians to intervene. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In a video that has since gone viral, a bystander captured a police encounter that quickly turned violent. Although no context was provided, the clip begins with the attempted detainment of a black male suspect by a lone white police officer, MSN reports. Within seconds, the situation takes a dangerous turn.

“Man, I didn’t have nothing to do with this sh**!” A male voice is heard saying as the officer drags the man toward a vehicle.

As the officer tries to take the resisting suspect to the ground, he loses his balance and is easily overpowered by the man. With the upper hand, the suspect then begins repeatedly punching the officer in the face as he desperately struggles to defend himself. In an instant, several other black men swarm the scuffling pair. However, much to the suspect’s dismay, his peers aren’t there to help him.


Several black men immediately step in and grab the suspect, pulling him off the officer. The citizens then begin pummeling the suspect before he collapses to the ground in submission. Even after the suspect is prone, several of the men surround him, delivering kicks and punches as one of the men places him in a hold.

After the group takes turns beating the suspect, the officer regains his composure and returns to finally handcuff the culprit, who has lost his shoes in the brawl. He gladly takes the assistance of one of the men, who is captured placing his knee on the neck of the suspect in order to subdue him until a second officer arrives.

Seconds later, a second officer arrives at the scene and moves the man restraining the suspect away. “He’s cool, he’s cool,” the first officer says as the clip ends.

The group pulled the suspect off the officer and took turns punching and kicking the man. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Social media erupted in overwhelming support for the officer and citizen helpers. While some acknowledged that the civilians may have saved either the police officer or the suspect’s life by intervening, others referred to the video as proof of the flawed logic in activists demanding that communities police themselves to combat police brutality.

“They probably just saved his life, got an ass whooping but saved him from being shot,” one Twitter user commented.

“On one hand, I’m happy to see people helping the cop… but, on the other hand, this was brutal… and, people are yelling about ‘police brutality’?? Also, did you see the big guy put his knee on the guys neck at the end?” another asked.

“Citizens interest… Black communities don’t want that kind of behavior in their areas,” yet another wrote.

“Tell me why I’m getting like huge chills watching this? Just wow. I saw a group of people who saw wrong and just refused to let it go on. This restores hope. The hitting after he was down was not my thing. But he’s cuffed. And not a shot was fired. Wow,” another commented.

Many pointed out that the black man restraining the suspect had his knee on his neck and his full weight on top of him, which may have been the reason the second responding police officer shoved him off. Others speculated that, since he had just arrived, the backup officer might have initially mistaken thought that the civilian was attempting to hinder the officer from making the arrest.

A civilian who was assisting the officer placed his knee on the neck of the suspect in an effort to subdue him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The video ends without much detail as to where the situation was filmed or the reason for the suspect’s arrest. Still, millions on social media have viewed the clip, which has sparked thoughtful and much-needed debate about law enforcement, race relations, and the community’s role.

The clip perfectly showcases that without the support of the community, law enforcement has no chance of keeping the peace and protecting vulnerable minority citizens from criminals. Incredibly, it also proves that policing isn’t as easy as the spectators outside law enforcement claim.