4 Men Rob Elderly Gun Store Owner Who Has ‘Heart Attack’

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When four armed robbers came into a Texas gun store and pointed a firearm at the elderly owner’s head, he clenched his chest and pleaded with them to get his “heart medication.” Little did they know that it was all part of his genius plan.

An elderly gun store owner gave four armed men a run for their money when they ransacked his shop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Anyone who knows Texas gun shop owner Mike Brown knows he’s entirely capable of handling his business. As a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, he has been in dangerous situations before. So, when the 77-year-old owner of Mike’s Gun Room in Richardson found himself at the wrong end of the barrel of a gun, he knew he had to think fast in order to save his life.

At first, the four men who had entered his store acted like they were shopping around for some firearms to purchase, according to KDFW-TV. However, once one of them pressed a gun into the back of his head, he had no choice but to surrender — at least, that’s what he made his attackers believe.

“They told me to get around behind the counter,” he said. “Get down on the floor.”

Mike Brown
Gun store owner Mike Brown had to act fast when an armed robber pressed a gun into the back of his head. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In a brilliant move, the elderly shop owner used his age to his advantage. Brown immediately clutched his chest as a look of horror came across his face. He calmly told the armed intruders that he had a serious heart condition that requires medication, according to KDFW-TV. If he didn’t get it quick, he could very likely die before he could call for help, he told them.

“I’ve got a heart medication and I’ve got to get my pills,” he recalled.

Unfortunately for the robbers, Brown’s reaction was all part of a backup plan he’d gone over many times over the last 26 years in business. As soon as they allowed him to fetch his non-existent medication, the spry veteran grabbed his gun and pointed it at one of the fleeing suspects.

“I told him to stop,” he said. “He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.”

Mike Brown
Mike Brown tricked the thieves into believing he was having a heart attack, giving him time to grab his gun. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the other three intruders fled with stolens weapons in tow, Brown managed to stop the last robber, aiming his firearm at the thief. The store owner then discharged his weapon, shooting the man in the shoulder before he could return fire. The ATF believes that Brown’s store was targeted because he works alone.

“I would not say it’s very common during the day like the situation here,” said Sara Able with the ATF Dallas Field Division.

Incredibly, Brown managed to take down the armed assailant and save his own life as well as leave a suspect for the police to investigate. Unfortuantely, the man’s three accomplices escaped with at least 50 weapons, leading authorities on a race to track them down before they are used to commit violent crimes.

“They are known to end up in the hands of those who commit violent crimes,” Able said.

Brown shot the fourth intruder, allowing police to nab a suspect in their efforts to track down the stolen weapons. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As for Brown, the situation was clear: he could either allow the theives to walk away scot-free with as many firearms as they could carry and little possibility of identifying them, or he could at least try to stop one of them. Regardless of his decision, dieing simply wasn’t an option.

“I’m sorry I had to shoot somebody, but — better than Plan B,” Brown said, referring to the possibility of him being shot.

The man Brown shot was apprehended by police and taken to a local hospital for treatment. He is expected to recover. However, Brown has a message for the three armed suspects who got away.

“Don’t come back,” he said. “I’ve got more ammo.”

Mike Brown
Mike Brown has a warning for the three robbers who got away: “Don’t come back; I’ve got more ammo.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The ATF offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. They are working with local investigators to track down the other suspects, but thanks to Brown, they have a major advantage in nabbing one of them.

Brown can undoubtedly take care of himself in tough situations, and the theives certainly weren’t prepared for that. If they would’ve known just how capable this spunky veteran is, they probably would’ve gone to a different store.