Surveillance Footage Captures McDonald’s Customer Abusing Staff

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A McDonald’s customer was obviously not “lovin’ it” after hitting up the fast-food restaurant for a bite to eat. Enraged by what she encountered, she was captured in a shocking surveillance camera video as she went on a rampage inside the eatery.

An unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer enters a downtown location after a mix-up at the drive-thru. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

An unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer flew into a fit of rage after receiving her drive-thru order from the fast-food restaurant and discovering that the food in the bag wasn’t right. She had apparently received the wrong drive-thru order at the downtown Indianapolis location, and that was enough to send the enraged woman marching into the store.

Once inside, the angry customer proceeded to abuse the staff and trash the store — and her violent outburst was all caught on video. The police later released the surveillance camera footage of the altercation, hoping to catch the culprit as they offered up a $1,000 reward for tips that lead to identifying the suspect.

The five-minute clip begins with the unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer, who’s seen in a pink t-shirt and sporting bright reddish-pink hair, walking into the downtown location with a bag of food and a receipt at about 9:30 am on a Thursday morning. Almost immediately, she is then seen speaking with an employee at the counter, gesturing to her receipt.

It appears she is explaining that there has been a mix-up with her order at the drive-thru, but rather than having the mistake quickly corrected, the conversation appears to rapidly deteriorate with the irate woman soon seen leaning over the counter and shouting in an employee’s face. Although there’s no audio, it’s still apparent she’s not “lovin’ it” as she verbally abused the staff, according to witnesses.

unnamed Indianapolis McDonald's customer
What begins as a verbal altercation quickly dissolves into violence. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Things continue to escalate to the point that the employee, who’s being berated by the agitated customer, appears to swat the woman out of the way. Although it’s unknown if the worker made contact with the woman’s face, at that moment, things quickly go from bad to worse as the unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer launches into a fit of rage.

Screaming at a group of employees huddled behind the cash register, she tries to get behind the counter through an employee-only door before being pushed back out to the lobby area by other workers. Unable to get behind the counter, the unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer begins throwing things, including a metal straw dispenser.

unnamed Indianapolis McDonald's customer
The unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer attempts to get behind the counter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Seeing the chaos erupting, an unnamed elderly gentleman, who WTHR reported was a retired law enforcement officer who happened to be in the restaurant at the time, attempts to intervene and diffuse the situation. Sadly, his words seem to have little effect as the enraged woman only seems to become angrier, chucking yellow “Cleaning In Progress” signs over the counter and into the kitchen.

Shoving a plexiglass barrier at staff, the woman strikes an employee in the side of the head, leaving the worker with a laceration that needed to be treated at a local hospital. Following the roughly five-minute-long temper tantrum, the unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer storms out of the franchise empty-handed, but not before destroying every piece of signage she could get her hands on, Daily Mail reported.

unnamed Indianapolis McDonald's customer
A retired law enforcement officer attempts to intervene. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The perpetrator left the scene in a silver sedan before police, who were called to the restaurant, arrived. The damage — in more ways than one — was already done. Not only was her outburst caught on video, but so was her getaway car. With the release of the footage, it’s only a matter of time before she’s identified and faces the consequences of her assault on the McDonald’s employees. However, this video provides us with more than a way to catch a criminal.

The footage gives us an example of how to handle difficult situations. Obviously, we’re not talking about the angry redhead. We are referring to the retired law enforcement officer who, although elderly, stepped in to try to protect the innocent from the woman’s rage. He’s the person who should receive attention in this ordeal. Rather than just watching this unnamed Indianapolis McDonald’s customer behaving badly, he risked his own safety in an attempt to help others. Should we be surprised, though? That’s exactly what police officers do daily.