Granddad Shoots 1 Of 2 Armed Home Invaders In Ill-Fated Heist

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A grandfather shot one of two armed home invaders in an ill-fated heist after a group of six friends hatched a plan to get bail money for another friend. It’s what the victim’s granddaughter did, however, that’s left people in disbelief.

Two armed intruders tried to rob this home, but the homeowner turned the tables on them. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Cynthia Register has made headlines after her grandfather was the victim of an armed home invasion. The unnamed granddad shot one of two home invaders in an ill-fated heist, but it’s his granddaughter’s actions that have left people both shocked and appalled. Cynthia orchestrated the crime against her own elderly loved one, according to the police.

It was just before 4 am on a Thursday morning when the unnamed 65-year-old Florida homeowner was greeted by two armed home invaders, later identified as Tayari Crear and Jemarquz Cromwell. After Crear and Cromwell entered the home in the 7300 block of West Jackson Street, they soon learned the hard way that their heist was a very bad idea.

Cynthia Register
Cynthia Register (Photo Credit: ECSO)

The homeowner turned the tables on the pair, using his own gun to shoot one of them before they took off from his Pensacola residence, WKRG reported. However, they wouldn’t get far. Deputies were called to the home and discovered the homeowner had shot one of the suspects. It would later be learned that Cromwell was the suspect who was shot by the homeowner.

Although the suspects fled, police were hot on their trail. According to The Blaze, Crear and Cromwell climbed in a vehicle and drove off, but they wrecked the car a few blocks away, the sheriff’s office said. After the crash, another vehicle pulled up to the site of the wreck and drove away with the two suspects, who were then dropped off at a local hospital.

Two of the suspects were dropped off at a local hospital. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Stock image (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

The suspects were met by sheriff’s deputies at the hospital, where Cromwell was treated for a gunshot wound, authorities said. According to the sheriff’s office, Natalie Gagne was identified as the driver who picked up Crear and Cromwell after they wrecked their vehicle.

Investigators with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrested six people in connection with the early Thursday morning armed home invasion. They included Register, Gagne, Crear, and Cromwell, as well as Clint Hochhalter and Dominique Gonzalez after it was discovered that the group was all in on the heist and trying to come up with bail money for another friend.

Cynthia Register
The six home invasion suspects (Photo Credit: ECSO)
Cynthia Register
Sheriff Chip Simmons (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Making matters worse, it was Cynthia Register who came up with the plan to rob her own grandfather and pitched the idea to the group, telling the others that the elderly homeowner had some money and helping hatch the plan to rob him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a reason Cynthia didn’t enter the house — she knew granddad had a gun, so she sent her friends inside instead.

“Mind you Cynthia Register, granddaughter, does not go in the house. Why? Because she knows that Grampa has a gun. So she decides to stay outside,” Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons explained as he offered a play-by-play of what happened. “But, she allows Tayari Crear and Jemarquz Cromwell to enter the home. And, [the homeowner’s] granddaughter was right. Granddaddy did have a gun. He did use the gun because he was being burglarized. So, Granddaddy shot Cromwell in the chest area, and then, they fled the home.”

Cynthia Register and Clint Hochhalter were arrested and charged with armed home invasion robbery (principle), while Natalie Gagne, Tayari Crear, Dominique Gonzalez, and Jemarquz Cromwell were arrested and charged with armed home invasion robbery.

As for the grandfather, he is alive and well, thanks to the Second Amendment, but he now has to face some hard truths about his family. Imagine how betrayed and heartbroken he must be, knowing his own granddaughter put him in danger as she criminally targeted him, orchestrating this ill-fated robbery. If she’ll do this to her own blood, what would she be willing to do to a stranger?