Things Go Wrong When Elderly Man Turns The Tables On Pranksters

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Two pranksters learned the hard way that it’s not wise to mess with an elderly man and his expensive luxury sports car. After they put fake feces on his Lamborghini, the old guy quickly turned the tables.

Lamborghini Owner Uses Taser On Pranksters Who Put Feces On His Car
The fake feces (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

A Lamborghini and feces just don’t go together. When you work hard to have something that costs a lot of money, you don’t want anyone messing it up, especially with their human waste. Two pranksters quickly found this out, and of course, it was all caught on camera for the rest of us to enjoy.

In the video, YouTube personalities Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo, also known as the “ViralBrothers,” accused the driver of a black Lamborghini of cutting them off on the road. Allegedly, he followed that up by flipping the bird after they laid on the horn. The pair were pretty ticked off about the incident.

Lamborghini Owner Uses Taser On Pranksters Who Put Feces On His Car
Pranksters Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo, also known as the “ViralBrothers” (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Naturally, the duo wanted to get back at the motorist, so they did what any two grown men who make a living pranking people would do. After they followed the vehicle to its parking spot, one of them placed a fake poop on the hood of the Lamborghini, then pretended to be defecating on the car, as the other recorded the incident.

Things weren’t as funny as they thought as indicated by what happened next. As hoped, the driver returned to his vehicle, sans sense of humor, and when he saw one of the men next to his car with toilet paper in hand, as though he had just completed the dirty deed, that’s when the car’s owner decided to whip out a little nasty surprise of his own.

Lamborghini Owner Uses Taser On Pranksters Who Put Feces On His Car
The Lamborghini owner had a surprise of his own for the pranksters. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

First, there was just a lot of angry yelling, but then, the Lambo owner reached into his pocket. When he pulled his hand back out, the prankster realized the joke was on him. This guy was armed with a taser, and he certainly wasn’t happy to have someone messing with his property.

Although the funny guy tried to get away, the angered elderly man was right behind him with the taser aimed at his back. As the pooping prankster took off, ready to go over a grassy embankment, the taser-toting grandpa fired his weapon, zapping the prankster as he tried to run away.

Instead of making an escape, the YouTube sensation was left writhing in agony as he endured the sensation of electricity charging through his body. His buddy, of course, was yelling like a maniac in the background, possibly fearing that he might be next.

With most videos like this one, there have been the usual allegations that the clip may have been staged due to the over-the-top reaction. However, the ViralBrothers followed up with additional footage that’s pretty convincing. In it, you can see the small puncture wounds from the taser’s prongs. Of course, the taser prong wounds could all be part of the staged prank. It’s not too farfetched to think they picked up some fake blood when picking up the fake turd-maker or even tased the guy for real, hoping to go viral as their name indicates.

It’s not hard to imagine that the old guy would be armed with a Taser and willing to protect his property. What’s more, the man’s face is blurred out, which is indicative of someone being filmed without consent, but I guess it’s possible that could also be just an elaborate rouse to add legitimacy to a staged event. Or, he could be in on it, and his identity might have given that way if he has been or will be in other videos.

Either way, staged or not, it does provide a lesson for any real pranksters. When you lead someone to believe that you are going to hurt them or possibly damage their property, the consequences could be dire. Assuming this wasn’t staged, these guys should be glad they were only met with a Taser. One of these days, such a prank is going to go horribly wrong with long-term consequences. Funny guys like this need to be careful out there because not everyone is amused when their stuff is getting messed with, and many are more than willing to defend their property.