VIDEO: Hunter Trees Bear, Then Decides To Beat On Trunk — Big Mistake

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Things went south in a hurry for a hunter after he managed to tree a bear and then decided to beat on the tree trunk with a stick as the bear tried to scurry further up the branches above. With cameras rolling, he’d soon realize he had made a big mistake when the treed bear got his revenge.

treed bear
Stock image (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

A viral video has made its rounds on social media time and again after capturing the unfortunate consequences one hunter faced after he successfully treed a bear, and it was all caught on video by his hunting buddies. According to KGAB, the footage was captured in Maine on the last day of bear hunting season in 2017 after a group of hunters decided to head into the woods with their hunting dogs.

Hoping to fill their bear tags before they couldn’t anymore, the group of about five hunters and their dogs went off into the woods looking for bears, Country Music Family explained. After the hunters successfully found and treed a bear they were hunting, they likely thought it would be a rather easy kill, but the bear apparently had other ideas and decided to let the hunters know exactly what he thought of the encounter.

The hunters had treed the bear before things took a turn. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As one of the men got close to the tree, at least one of his hunting buddies focused their cellphone camera on the treed bear above and captured something none of them expected. As we hear the hunting dogs making a racket, we see the bear scurring further and further up the tree in a feeble attempt to get away from the barking dogs below.

A whacking sound also fills the air, which we soon realize is the man closest to the tree hitting the trunk with a large stick that we later see in his hand. With the camera focused on the treed bear, we quickly realize the man had made a big mistake as the animal let the hunters know exactly how the incident made him feel, giving all new meaning to the saying, “Barking up the wrong tree.”

To put it simply, the hunters had literally scared the crap out of the large critter as bear scat came raining down on the hunter below, much to the delight of his buddies, who wasted no time laughing at his misfortune.

As seen in the footage, the frightened treed bear, who was being hunted by the group and their dogs, had nowhere to go and was out of options after scampering to the top of the tree. That’s enough to scare the crap out of anyone — animals included, apparently.

treed bear
The hunter is covered in bear scat before he even knew what hit him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

So, the bear settled itself in the crook of a branch before taking a squat and letting loose on his enemies below, hitting the one hunter right in the head with some rather large bear turds, according to Wake Up Wyoming.

“Without any warning, a rainstorm of feces came flying down the branches of the tree straight at this unsuspecting hunter and the quick plopping sounds let everyone know that the bear had started an assault they could not compete with!” Country Music Family humorously reported after the hunter learned the hard way that the answer to the question “Does a bear poop in the woods?” is definitely yes.

Even covered in bear scat, the hunter doesn’t seem to have lost his sense of humor. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The treed bear managed to splatter the hunter and his clothes in fresh droppings. “It wasn’t just a little bit either, as the guy’s bag, clothes, and hat were covered in bear scat,” according to Wide Open Spaces.

Pardon the pun, but this has to be one of the crappiest hunts this guy has ever been on. Thankfully, the young man’s friends did what any good friends would do. They laughed hysterically and kept filming, giving us this hilarious footage.

treed bear
The bear managed to crap down the guy’s neck and covered his clothes and bag in feces. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although we are not sure who ended up getting the last laugh on this day since the hunters may have harvested the bear afterward, we have to admit that, at the exact time of this video, the feces-dropping animal won this round by a landslide.

While the hunter was left smelly and likely a little humiliated, he does have a cool story to tell. After all, there aren’t many people who can say they’ve been pooped on by a bear. We only hope he wasn’t looking up with his mouth open when the bear launched his counterstrike.