Shoplifter Flees Store With Pile Of Merchandise, Accomplices Betray Her

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A woman managed to sneak out of a sporting goods store with heaps of stolen merchandise, fleeing to the parking lot. However, just as she was about to get away, her accomplices betrayed her in the most ironic way.

After a shoplifter fled a Hibbett’s Sporting Goods store with stolen merchandise, she received instant justice. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

With rampant crime constantly headlining every major news outlet, it’s satisfying to see an entitled criminal get their instant comeuppance. So, when a shoplifter thought she had gotten away with hundreds of dollars in retail, social media users didn’t hold back their delight in seeing the culprit get exactly what she deserves.

When an employee at a Hibbett’s Sporting Goods store in Illinois recognized a group of known thieves, she immediately called the Edwardsville police and notified them of their presence. The worker knew that one of the women had stolen from the store in the past and believed the group was acting suspiciously.

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Dakayla Coleman, was betrayed by her accomplices. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The women must have suspected that the employees were on to their scheme, so they each headed out the door. However, the third suspect, 19-year-old Dakayla Coleman, wasn’t about to leave empty-handed.

Coleman fled the store with a pile of stolen goods draped over her shoulder, 24 pieces of clothing in total, KMOV reports. Unfortunately for her, the accomplices she relied on for making a hasty getaway suddenly decided that she was too much of a liability.


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In a video captured by a bystander in the parking lot, Coleman is seen desperately tugging at the door handle of the getaway car only to discover she’s been purposefully locked out. Panic sets in as she watches her only means of escape pull away, leaving her stranded with all of the stolen merchandise on her arm.

Just when Coleman thinks her situation couldn’t get any worse, a police patrol vehicle pulls up. Defeated, Coleman drops the clothing and throws up her hands in frustration, watching confusedly as her friends abandon her. When she realizes that a police cruiser is headed her way, she quickly gives chase, hoping to at least avoid arrest.

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Just as Dakayla Coleman’s accomplices abandoned her, a police cruiser pulled up beside her. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Not only was Coleman forced to leave without any of her stolen items, but she was soon caught by the pursuing officer. The next clip of the video shows the suspect being escorted across the parking lot in handcuffs, ending the satisfying saga. She was then taken into custody and charged with retail theft.

“These individuals exited the building with basically a handful of clothes, each of them, and ran to a vehicle parked nearby,” said Edwardsville Police Chief Michael Fillback. “One of the individuals was unable to get in the vehicle. The video shows that.”

Despite her young age, Coleman already has an impressive rap sheet. Aside from having two shoplifting warrants in Missouri, she has racked up charges of stealing, stealing in excess of $750 or more, and resisting arrest for a felony.

sporting goods
Dakayla Coleman was arrested and taken into custody following a 30-yard chase. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Coleman seems to have an affinity for taking what isn’t hers, and it doesn’t look like she’s any good at what she does. Still, no matter how many times she’s been caught, she has yet to learn her lesson. Perhaps the third time’s the charm.

As we are relentlessly bombarded with stories of criminals getting away with their crimes, it’s refreshing to see instant justice. If anything, this incident shows us that crime doesn’t pay, but it might also show you who your true friends are.