Openly Bisexual Teacher Hangs LGBTQ+ Flag, School Gives Ultimatum

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An openly bisexual teacher hung a giant rainbow Pride flag in his classroom to send a “message” to students. However, once the school administrators found out, they sent him an unmistakable message as well.

Middle school P.E. teacher Russell Ball, 43, took to social media after he refused to remove a Pride flag from his classroom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A Michigan educator caught the attention of school officials after he chose to hang a large LGBTQ+ flag in his classroom. Russell Ball, a 43-year-old physical education and health teacher at Three Rivers Middle School faced the consequences for his refusal to remove the sexually-charged symbol.

The middle school teacher says he was warned several times by his superiors to take down the controversial banner, and he refused each time. As such, the school gave him an ultimatum: remove the flag or remove yourself from school property. Surprisingly, Ball chose his desire to showcase his sexual proclivities over his students.

Russell Ball
Russell Ball chose to resign after he was warned several times to remove the banner because it violated the school’s policy against flags in classrooms. (Photo Credit: Provided)

MLive reports that Ball handed in his resignation letter, vowing never to remove the Pride flag from his classroom. Now, the classroom is no longer under Ball’s authority and the flag has been removed. Still, the former teacher sees himself as a sort of battered hero fighting selflessly for a persecuted demographic.

“To me, the flag stands for love and inclusion for everybody, not just for members of the LGBTQ community,” Ball told MLive in a phone interview. “Removing the flag kind of felt like I was being complicit in suppressing and continuously marginalizing the students that have already been significantly marginalized, and I wasn’t gonna take a part in that.”

Ball denies that the Pride flag has anything to do with politics and says that he kept it in his classroom to ensure that all students felt welcome. Of course, this doesn’t include biblical Christians, who would see the flag as a message that they will be viewed as the enemy because of their morals.

Russell Ball admitted that all teachers received emails from administrators stating that no flags of any kind were allowed in their classrooms. Still, Ball felt that encouraging the sexualization of 11- and 12-year-old children, as well as broadcasting his own sexual preferences, was of the utmost importance.

“It is something that’s so important to me, that my students have that safe space, that I wasn’t willing to continue in education without it,” he told MLive.

Ball claimed that those who identify as LGBTQ+ are a persecuted minority. He told WXMI-TV that taking down the flag would mean he is joining in their “oppression.”

“I was not going to be an active participant in suppression and oppression of an already marginalized group that I am a part of,” he said.

Russell Ball claims he is a victim of oppression because he wasn’t allowed to display a flag representing sexuality in a children’s classroom. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Of course, the Pride community is far from oppressed. In fact, they can be the oppressors. Anyone who expresses a belief that their sexuality shouldn’t be broadcast to children is often censored, harassed, or canceled.

The truth is that the LGBTQ+ agenda is a popular trend. It’s ever-present in the Hollywood film industry, the music industry, and the fashion industry. It’s coddled at every level of politics and given special recognition by every major corporation. It even has a month dedicated to its celebration. Those who announce their sexual identity in alliance with the narrative are praised. At every turn, it’s thrust into the faces of those who would raise any disagreement to its ostentatious and aggressive display.

Russell Ball
Russell Ball has received accolades while claiming that the LGBTQ+ community is a persecuted minority, despite its mainstream popularity. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Russell Ball isn’t a pariah. In fact, he’s on the side of the majority. The fact that he immediately ran to social media to announce his dedication to the agenda so that he could be lauded and the school administrators could be reviled proves this.

Ball isn’t fooling anyone by playing the victim. No one targeted him because of his sexual identity. He believed himself to be the exception to the rules, and this time he didn’t receive the privilege he expected.