Video: Mob Attacks ‘Pregnant’ Mom, Her Toddler Daughter Gets Kicked

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A brutal beatdown video has emerged on social media, claiming to depict a pregnant mother getting attacked by a mob of angry teens. The mom is seen being viciously stomped as her daughter looks on, but what happens to the toddler is even worse.

A toddler, seen in pink, is at the feet of a female who’s brutally attacking the child’s mother. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A harrowing video out of Brooklyn, Illinois has been making its rounds on social media after a brutal beatdown was caught on camera. The disturbing footage of a violent confrontation between a mother and a group of teens emerged on Twitter, where it didn’t take long for it to go viral due to its shocking and appalling nature, showing a toddler being kicked.

According to Daily Mail, the footage features Chelsea Bryant — who was reportedly pregnant at the time of the attack — being brutally beaten. Not only is she mercilessly assaulted, the attack takes place in front of her toddler daughter, who also becomes a victim when the child is kicked in the head by a male teen. Rest assured, however, his mom swears that he “didn’t mean it,” but I digress.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The clip begins with two female teens attacking Bryant, who’s seen wearing a black and white hoodie as she stood outside a home with her toddler daughter. The female teens — who were later identified as 19-year-old Chelsey Gordon and 19-year-old Tyreiel Brown, according to the Belleville News-Democrat — are seen punching the woman, pushing her onto the ground, and viciously pulling her hair.

As Bryant is mercilessly assaulted, her helpless toddler daughter is caught in the melee and cannot do anything but cry. As her mother lays crumpled, helplessly on the ground while being punched, the toddler is heard wailing as she’s trapped between her mom and one of the attackers. When the little girl tries to escape the chaos, dodging out from between one of the assailant’s legs, things go from bad to worse. Be warned, it’s difficult to watch:

SHEER BRUTALITY Sickening moment teens fly kick baby girl and attack her ‘pregnant’ mom in a brawl in the front yardA SHOCKING video has emerged showing a woman and her young child being savagely fly kicked and beaten by a group of teens in Brooklyn, Illinois.The footage, shared on Twitter, shows an allegedly pregnant woman standing outside a home with her young daughter, while two girls repeatedly kick and punch her.Out of nowhere, a young man runs up to join them and kicks the baby girl square in the face instead, sending her flying to the ground.The male then gets up off the ground and runs towards the woman being attacked before proceeding to drop kick her in the face as she lays helpless on the ground.The two other women continued to kick and punch the victim as the child screamed.The young daughter can be heard crying out in pain as she watches her mother being savagely beaten while a third girl in pink records the incident.The victim eventually pulls herself up off the ground as the attackers walk away – only for the male attacker to return and kick her in the back, prompting her to fall and hit her head on the side of a doorframe.The female victim was reportedly pregnant at the time of the incident.Meanwhile, the identity of the attackers has not been identified.The video has been shared multiple times on Twitter.The mom of the male who kicked the young child has defended her son's actions.In a lengthy Facebook post following the attack, she wrote, "He didn't try to kick that baby, he tried to jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake."My kid is not the type to kick a baby, accidents happen."

Posted by The Crime Records on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

As the toddler tries to run from the attack, a male teen is seen joining the fight. He jumps into the air and kicks the little girl in the head as he lands, sending the child spiraling towards the ground. Sadly, the innocent toddler getting caught up in the violent chaos doesn’t stop the attackers — none of whom show any concern for the little girl’s well-being as she continues to wail.

Instead, he immediately turns his focus on Bryant who was already being pummeled by two others. As the females continue to punch the woman and pull her hair, the male suspect stomps on her back, head, and body. All the while, an unseen person continues to record as the toddler, who had been violently kicked in the head, cries out, screaming in horror.

kicked toddler
(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Eventually, the attackers begin to retreat, giving Chelsea Bryant time to finally get off the ground. She tries walking toward the house, but she doesn’t get far as the male attacker kicks her in the back, sending her flying forward, where she hits her head on the side of the doorframe before the clip comes to an end. What happened after the video ended, however, may be more disturbing than the footage itself.

Although the people involved in the shocking attack had not been identified at the time of a report by Brinkwire, a woman, claiming to be the mother of the male who kicked the young child, defended her son on Facebook. “He didn’t try to kick that baby,” she wrote. “He tried to jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake. My kid is not the type to kick a baby, accidents happen.”

kicked toddler
(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The “defense” didn’t quell the outrage that had emerged on social media, however, as viewers demanded justice for the mother and her little girl. “Somebody has to post info so we can report him and these girls,” one such Twitter user wrote with another adding, “He kicked that baby on purpose. Look how far he is from the mother when the kick lands. It’s no way the mother was his intended target.”

Others didn’t care whether or not the child was kicked by accident or on purpose, saying that, either way, it was “against the code” of what’s acceptable during a physical fight. “The way the baby was hanging on her mom’s leg and then he kicked the baby y’all are f***ing sick. this is against the code y’all don’t jump and y’all don’t fight in front of kids,” a Twitter user explained.

kicked toddler
(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“For one why do they feel it’s okay to jump her while a baby is holding on to the mom’s leg?” another wrote, sharing the same sentiments. “Two when they saw he kicked the baby they should’ve stopped right there like why are people standing there like its okay.” And, that’s what we want to know. When did it become acceptable for children to be caught in the crosshairs of violence?

What’s more, what kind of mother defends her son beating on a woman who’s already being beaten by two other women and poses no threat to him? The moment he decided to jump into the fray, he became responsible for the consequences of his actions, which includes kicking the little girl. Someone needs to tell his mama that she isn’t doing her son any favors by making excuses for his violent behavior. She might think he’s “not the type to kick a baby,” but he is the type to beat a mother in front of her child, and that’s really not any better.