Boy Says He’s ‘Proud’ Of Scars He Received Saving His Little Sister’s Life

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After a little boy courageously saved his little sister’s life, the child was left with gruesome scars on his face. However, instead of hiding his battle wounds, the boy says he’s “proud” of them and doesn’t want the doctors to make them disappear entirely.

Bridger Walker
Ever since his little sister was born, 7-year-old Bridger Walker (left) has been her protector. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Ever since his 4-year-old sister was born, 7-year-old Bridger Walker has taken on the role of protector, mentor, and best friend. From the very beginning, the little boy seemed to possess an instinct to keep his sibling safe at all costs. That instinct would prove incredibly valuable when the little girl was horrifically attacked in front of her big brother.

When the pair was at a friend’s house in Wyoming, they decided to go into the backyard to play. Parents Robert and Teila say that the friend told Bridger “that is the nice dog,” pointing to one of the family’s pets, and “that is the mean one,” motioning toward the other animal. With that, the second dog, a German Shepherd, charged at them, NBC News reports.

“Bridger explained how, at that moment, the mean one ran at them,” the couple said in their statement.

When a German Shepherd charged, Bridger Walker stepped in front of his sister to block the attack, sacrificing himself. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Bridger only had a split second to react to the approaching German Shepherd. Instead of fleeing, as most children would do, he instinctively stepped forward, acting as a barrier between his little sister and the beast. Within an instant, the dog attacked, going straight for his face.

“In Bridger’s words, ‘I stepped to the side, in front of my sister so that the dog wouldn’t get her. I kept moving, so it couldn’t get past.’ The dog ran at the children and latched onto Bridger’s cheek,” Robert and Teila explained. “Bridger, in his own words and without hesitation, declared: ‘If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.'”

While Bridger was being attacked by the dog, he yelled for his sister to run, still concerned for her safety. As soon as the dog loosened its grip, the big brother grabbed the little girl and rushed her away.

“Bridger explained that when the dog bit him, he yelled for his sister to run,” according to the statement. “After the dog released, Bridger ran to his sister and led her to a more secure part of the yard where he thought they would be safe.”

Bridger Walker
Bridger Walker received more than 90 stitches during surgery, but his 4-year-old sister was left unharmed. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The dog’s owner heard the commotion and ran to secure the German Shepherd and call for help. The boy later underwent emergency surgery, receiving over 90 stitches. Thanks to his bravery, however, his sister was unharmed.

Despite the severity of the attack, Bridger says he doesn’t want doctors to take away his scars. In fact, he says it reminds him of how much he loves his little sister, Robert told People.

“My wife and I asked him, ‘Do you want it to go away?’ And he said, ‘I don’t want it to go all the way away,'” the father of five recalled. “Bridger views his scar as something to be proud of, but he also doesn’t see it as being representative of his brave act. He just perceives it as, ‘I was a brother and that’s what brothers do.’ It’s a reminder that his sister didn’t get hurt, and that she is okay.”

Numerous celebrities, including Robert Downey Jr. (right), praised Bridger Walker for his heroism. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Unsurprisingly, Bridger Walker’s deed went viral, capturing the attention and praise of numerous celebrities. After hearing that the boy was a fan of the Marvel franchise, actors Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. sent Bridger personal messages on social media as well as personal gifts.

Despite his incredible sacrifice, Bridger isn’t comfortable being called a hero. His dad says that sometimes the praise frustrates him because he thinks he should have tried harder to protect his sister.

“It almost bothers him sometimes when he’s called a hero, because he [thinks], ‘Maybe I could have done more to shield her,'” he sweetly said of his son.

Bridger Walker
Bridger Walker has since healed from the attack but says he doesn’t want his scars to fully disappear because they remind him of his love for his sister. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Although the owner wished to have the canine destroyed, Bridger didn’t want the animal killed. Per the boy’s request, the owner left the dog in the custody of the authorities to ensure that it would be placed in alternative care.

This little boy’s selfless love for his sister is remarkable at any age. Not only was he willing to sacrifice himself to save her, but he doesn’t regret the scars he received in the slightest and wears them as a badge of honor.