Twice-Deported Immigrant Arrested For Raping Child, Police Can’t Track

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A foreign national, who has been deported at least twice, was arrested again after re-entering the country, this time for raping a child. Disturbingly, authorities have come forward to explain why they’re unable to stop the dangerous sex offender.

Pedro Ambriz
Mexican national Pedro Ambriz, 38, was arrested for allegedly raping a child. (Photo Credit: Gallatin Police Department)

Mexican national Pedro Ambriz, 38, who has been deported multiple times, was back in police custody after detectives caught him illegally living in the United States once again. Unfortunately, his crimes have escalated, and the authorities are warning the public about their inability to properly track criminals like him.

Ambriz has been able to not only repeatedly cross over the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, but he is giving police a run for their money when it comes to putting him away for good. Sadly, his latest crime comes at the expense of an underage girl in Tennessee.

Pedro Ambriz has been deported at least twice and was previously accused of molesting a child in another county. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Gallatin Police have confirmed that Ambriz was arrested for the rape of a child, despite having been extradited back to Mexico at least twice. Police are hoping that the alleged rape is the final straw in making sure that Ambriz isn’t allowed to walk free, but their confidence is underwhelming.

Gallatin Police Lt. Lamar Ballard told WKRN that Ambriz has been particularly difficult to nab because of his lack of proper documentation. Like many other illegal aliens, Ambriz created at least five aliases and used at least three different birth dates in order to hide his true identity from the police.

“Yes, if this individual flees, and we have charges, or we are able to gather more charges, and he is in Mexico that makes it very difficult for us,” Lt. Ballard said. “It’s very difficult, because you don’t know who you are dealing with. It’s hard to track the history of these individuals, who use aliases and different dates of birth.”

Pedro Ambriz
Gallatin Police Lt. Lamar Ballard says the police are unable to track Pedro Ambriz because he uses at least five aliases and at least three different birth dates. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to a report, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers have deported Ambriz at least twice. Still, authorities do not know when or how he re-entered the U.S. Disturbingly, his most recent deportation was after he allegedly sexually abused a child.

Lt. Ballard continued, “It looks like he has been deported twice, and I do know of at least once, that was in 2019, after an allegation of molestation of a child.”

Lt. Ballard says it’s extremely hard to keep track of illegal aliens, especially when they re-enter the country after deportation. The false identities they use often leave police unable to properly identify and locate repeat offenders.

“These cases are sad and difficult cases to work,” Lt. Ballard said. “This compounds the investigation, when you know you have an individual who can flee across the border, and they are undocumented, and you have different names, and multiple addresses and dates of birth.”

Pedro Ambriz
If released on bail, authorities believe Pedro Ambriz will flee to Mexico and possibly re-enter illegally for the fourth time. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Detectives confirmed that Ambriz was previously arrested on drug and domestic assault charges in Robertson County, which neighbors Sumner County. It is unclear whether he was convicted, although he was deported soon after.

Lt. Ballard hoped to ensure that Ambriz will finally go to prison for his crimes. He said that, despite his illegal status, Ambriz will be forced to serve a full sentence if convicted of the rape of the child. He was adamant to thwart any release of the repeat offender since he is a major flight risk.

“That’s correct. That’s our goal. To make sure he pays for this crime.”

The only remedy is to secure the borders so that we can determine who comes into our country. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

If Pedro Ambriz would be released on bail, he will almost certainly flee to Mexico where he can illegally re-enter the U.S. at a later time. If this happens, he will again infiltrate the community undetected, endangering those around him.

It is nearly impossible to track criminal migrants once they’re in the country. The only way to stop offenders like Ambriz is to cut off the source. Securing our borders is the primary issue and, as long as they are penetrable, our citizens remain unsafe.