Mom Goes Braless To Kid’s Sporting Event, Blasts Her Critics

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After attending her child’s sporting events without a bra, a fitness-enthusiast mom was allegedly met with disapproving looks from fellow parents. However, rather than reconsidering her decision to go braless, she defended herself against critics. Was she wrong?

The personal trainer and mom, who posts as @Fitlatina40 on TikTok (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A mom and personal trainer, who posts online as @Fitlatina40, went viral after alleging that she was the constant target of dirty looks from other school moms because she “never wears a bra” while attending her son’s sporting events. According to the fitness enthusiast, attending the games braless caused men to stare while the other mothers sneered at her during her son’s matches.

However, rather than rethink going braless amid the criticisms, she shared a video on TikTok, claiming she was heading to her son’s game with the expectation of causing a commotion, Daily Star reported. While smiling at the camera and brushing her hair back, a message is displayed in a text overlay on the video as the mom preemptively describes what she anticipates will occur at the event.


Not my fault your husband can’t control his eyeballs Debrah #brasarelame #freethetatas #brasaretheworst #momshaming #jealousy

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“Me on my way to go to a high school football game with my kid and make the other moms sneer at me in disgust because I refuse to ever wear a bra,” the text overlay read. Then, in the clip’s caption, @Fitlatina40 defended her decision to go braless, blaming the men who stare at her — not her bralessness — for creating a problem with the other moms.

“Not my fault your husband can’t control his eyeballs Debrah,” she wrote in defense of her decision to go braless to her son’s games along with the hashtags, “#brasarelame #freethetatas #brasaretheworst #momshaming #jealousy.” With the mom clearly asserting that it’s not her fault men stare, TikTok users quickly inundated the comments section with their opinions on the matter.

The personal trainer and mom, who posts as @Fitlatina40 on TikTok (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Most social media users, who sounded off in the comments, seemed to show support for the mom, alleging that the other mothers were “jealous of her,” according to Thought Nova. “They are just jealous and envious of you!! Just keep being you!!!!” one supportive commenter wrote, while another added, “That’s awesome… I love that… good for you.”

“Whatever is comfortable to you darlin’,” yet another commenter wrote. However, there were also those who criticized the mom. Some warned that she would sag to her knees when older due to a lack of bra support, while others accused her of “seeking attention” and having “no respect” dressing “like that in front of families.”

The personal trainer and mom, who posts as @Fitlatina40 on TikTok (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

@Fitlatina40 didn’t seem to be bothered by the critics. Instead, she reposted the video a year later. This time, she was met with support and approval rather than condemnation, with at least one commenter trying to be funny, saying they needed proof that she didn’t wear a bra. “Pics, or it didn’t happen,” they wrote, while another joked that @Fitlatina40’s son would be “getting max playtime.”

However, it’s the caption on the reposted video that should garner our attention, not the comments: “#onthisday the tiktok that landed on the Daily Mail … hilarious cuz it wasnt even a real scenerio-but the sentiment was important! Aka moms tend to judge too much-also bras are known to cause breast cancer-and that is something I absolutely dont want to get again. #breastcancer #momshaming #freethenibble”

A year later, @Fitlatina40 reposted the same video, but this time, the caption told a different story. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

For the sake of argument, if the scenario presented were true and the conclusion that the mom was “showing off” and trying to get attention is accurate, perhaps the best response is not to give it to her. And, make no mistake, negative attention, including any alleged sneers or dirty looks, is attention. As for the concern that she’s at a family event, I hate to break it to those who are upset, but your sons and husbands will be exposed to attractive and potentially braless women unless you never allow them to go out in public or access the internet.

So, perhaps the best bet, again, is to focus on what we can control, not on trying to control others. Unless we are tasked with developing or enforcing a dress code in a public space, we can’t control what others choose to wear. However, we can control how we react to it. If I don’t like what I see but no laws or rules are being broken, I look the other way and have taught my children to do the same, and I’m much happier than I would be if I let another woman’s perkier assets upset me.