Mom Hears Home Intruder While She’s Showering, Makes Him Pay

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A mother was showering before work when she suddenly heard her children screaming and a strange man’s voice coming from the living room. Still soaking wet, the woman ran out of the bathroom to rescue her children at all costs.

A Milwaukee mother took life-saving measures when an intruder broke into her home while she was in the shower. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

While a Milwaukee mother was getting ready for work, her morning shower was cut short when she heard bloodcurdling screams coming from her children, aged 12 and 14. She then heard a sound that sent chills down her spine — a strange man’s voice coming from the living room, which was where her kids had been.

As any good mother would, the woman darted out of the shower and flung open the bathroom door, desperate to save her children from whoever had broken into her home. However, this mama wasn’t about to take on a fight with a potentially dangerous intruder empty-handed.

The Milwaukee mother heard her children scream from the living room and then heard a strange man’s voice while she was showering. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

KWTX reports that the Milwaukee mother, who wishes to remain nameless, sprinted to her bedroom sopping-wet, grabbed her firearm from its hiding place, and ran into the living room to confront the intruder. She pointed the gun at the suspect, signaling to him that she was ready to shoot.

Incredibly, the woman says the suspect was undeterred by her dogs, who had sounded the alarm that a stranger was present. She told police that the man was behaving erratically and ignored the fact that she was armed. When the suspect charged at her, she didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

“It all happened so fast — an adrenaline rush,” the Milwaukee mother explained.

Milwaukee mother
The Milwaukee mother darted out of the shower to grab her gun in her bedroom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Police confirmed that the Milwaukee mother shot the man, who she claims broke into her home and threatened her children. The man died at the scene. Although authorities did not immediately release the identity of the suspect, they described him as a man in his late 30s.

Officers initially arrested the Milwaukee mother and took her into custody for questioning. She explained that she had purchased the gun after finding a man sleeping under her son’s bed 10 years ago. She said she hoped that she would never have to use it. She was later released without any charge, and the case was referred to the district attorney’s office for review.

Milwaukee mother
The Milwaukee mother told police that she shot the suspect when he charged her. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Community activist Bushraa Rahman, who is also the Milwaukee mother’s neighbor, volunteered to help clean up the home after authorities had removed the body and cleared the scene. She insisted that the shooting was in self-defense.

“She was scared because her children were there with her. So, she did what any mother would do. She defended her children,” Rahman said. “It was an act of self-defense. Somebody comes in your house, what do you call it?”

Rahman encouraged everyone to properly arm themselves because of the increasing problem of unchecked mental health issues.

“In today’s day and age, with mental health and everything else that’s taking place in the world, I mean, you better protect yourself. To be honest, you have to,” Rahman said.

Milwaukee mother
Local activist and neighbor Bushraa Raman (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Following the unsettling incident, the unnamed Milwaukee mother said she plans to move her family out of the house as soon as she can find another place to live. Additionally, she said she’s hoping that she won’t face any criminal charges in the future.

The case highlights a danger that anyone may face at any time. However, it also poses a solution for law-abiding citizens — properly arming and training oneself saves lives.