McDonald’s Employees Fight Back Against Disruptive Customers

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After McDonald’s employees fought back against disruptive customers in a wild video, the company was quick to condemn their behavior for being “not in accordance” with their policies, but the company also added that there was more to the story. Does it make a difference? You decide.

The Wynyard Train Station McDonald’s in Sydney’s Central Business District, where a wild food fight was captured on video (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

A McDonald’s employee was working their shift at the franchise’s Wynyard Train Station store in Sydney’s Central Business District when a wild scuffle led to food and drinks being hurled back and forth over the counter in Australia. The incident was captured on video and widely shared online after the employee was caught throwing a drink in a customer’s face as the wild food fight broke out, IBT reported.

Of course, McDonald’s Australia acknowledged the incident, which took place at approximately 1 am on a Thursday, saying the behavior seen in the video is “not in accordance” with their policies, which don’t support employees retaliating against unruly customers. However, they also added that there was more to the story than seen in the short clip that quickly began circulating across social media.

What we can see in the short clip is the McDonald’s employee throwing a drink in a male customer’s face at the counter. The male customer then slips on the drink and stumbles. After regaining his footing, the aggravated customer begins launching food back at the workers. A wild food fight ensues as both sides chuck food and drink items at one another. The customer eventually left with a grin on his face.

However, that’s allegedly only half of the story, according to New York Post. McDonald’s Australia was quick to provide background information that caused many to view the footage in a different light.

“What is not shown in the video is the customer earlier entering the restaurant and going behind the counter to disrupt the kitchen and threaten crew,” McDonald’s Australia said in a statement.

wild food fight
The McDonald’s employee throws a drink in the face of the disruptive customer. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was also revealed by police that the customers involved in the clash were teens. After New South Wales Police were called with a report about an assault on a McDonald’s employee, they responded and arrested two boys, aged 17 and 15, in connection with the incident.

“About 1 a.m. … police were called to a restaurant in Wynyard following reports of a malicious damage incident,” a police spokesperson said. “On arrival, officers attached to Sydney City Police Area Command were told an employee of the restaurant – a 23-year-old man – had been assaulted,” the statement continued. “A short time later, police arrested two males aged 17 and 15 on George Street, Sydney,” the spokesperson added. “Both teenagers were taken to Day Street Police Station where they were dealt with the Young Offenders Act.”

In their statement acknowledging the incident, McDonald’s Australia stressed that the “health and safety of our people and customers” was their “top priority.”

“We can confirm an incident occurred at our Wynyard restaurant, as shown in the video,” the fast food giant admitted. “The behavior of our employees in this video is not in accordance with our policies and we are looking into this with the restaurant,” the statement added.

wild food fight
The disruptive teen escalated the situation by repeatedly throwing food and other items at the employees. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the company promised to do its best for the consumers, it also stated that it expected its staff to be treated with respect and not to be threatened or intimidated.

“Anti-social behavior is not tolerated in our restaurants and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times,” the statement said. “We will always do our best for our customers, but we won’t accept abuse, intimidation, threats or violence towards our employees. Police were called to assist, and we are supporting employees involved.”

Knowing that the unruly teen customer seemingly instigated the incident changed how many on social media felt about the incident. In fact, when the clip was shared on Instagram, the caption accompanying it suggested that the retaliatory behavior of the employee should be “allowed.”

“People who work in retail or customer service should be allowed to punch-on with 3 people a year. Starting with this guy,” Instagram user Brown Cardigan wrote.

The teen customer was captured leaving with a grin on his face. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While I agree that this incident is an example of the horrendous behavior many employees in service industries are forced to face, it also represents another problem. This allegedly took place at 1 am on a weekday. The customer seen instigating the events is a teen, meaning he’s also a minor. Why isn’t he at home or with his parents, where he belongs? Someone needs to get their kids.

As I have told my children, there isn’t anything worth doing after midnight that you can’t do before. Therefore, when the clock strikes 12, there’s no reason a teen shouldn’t be under the supervision of their parents. Perhaps it’s time to bring back the old PSA that played on American television from the late 1960s through the late 1980s: “Do you know where your children are?” If the answer is “no,” be aware that they might show up in a viral video, behaving like jerks at a local McDonald’s.