Watch: Teacher Goes On Racist Rant Against Deputy Who Pulled Her Over

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After a woman, who claimed to be a teacher, was pulled over for a traffic violation, she immediately went on a racist rant against the police officer. The stop quickly became anything but routine — and it was all caught on video.

After a Latino sheriff’s deputy pulled over a woman in a white car, the driver went on a racist rant. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A Latino sheriff’s deputy became the target of a woman’s rage when the Los Angeles officer pulled the woman over in San Dimas for allegedly using her cellphone while driving. Almost immediately, the driver, who claimed she was a teacher, launched into a racist tirade, delivering one insult after another and even calling the Latino sheriff’s deputy “a murderer” repeatedly. However, her taunts didn’t end there.

From the moment the Latino sheriff’s deputy approached the car, the alleged teacher accused the officer of “harassing” her since she was driving under the speed limit. “Yes you are, ma’am, good morning,” the officer politely replied as the woman held up her cellphone, showing the deputy that she was recording him.

The woman demanded to know why the officer was “harassing” her. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“I pulled you over because —,” the Latino sheriff deputy begins to explain before he’s rudely interrupted by the woman who cuts him off to say, “Because you’re a murderer.” Undeterred, the officer continues, explaining that he pulled the woman over because she was using her cellphone while driving, according to The Blaze.

According to the teacher, however, she simply had her phone out to record the officer, claiming that the Latino sheriff’s deputy “scared” her because he’s “a murderer.” Sadly, her insults and taunting only got worse from there, and it was all caught on video, which was later obtained by KTTV-TV‘s Bill Melugin, who was sent the footage from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy involved.

Melugin posted the footage to Twitter, and in it, viewers can hear the woman being asked to present her driver’s license. She denies the officer’s request, saying she left her identification at her apartment. The gracious officer thoughtfully asks the woman if she has a picture of her license and tactfully allows the driver to present the photo instead.

Instead of being grateful, the teacher asks the Latino sheriff’s deputy to call his supervisor as she scrolls her phone, apparently looking for the image of her driver’s license. The officer calmly responds, informing the woman that his supervisor was already on his way. “Good, because you’re a murderer,” she snaps back. “You’re threatening to kill me and my son,” she alleges. “You’re trying to threaten to kill me.”

Latino sheriff’s deputy
As the Latino sheriff’s deputy tried to take down the woman’s information, she alleged that he was threatening her and her son. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After accusing the officer of threatening her and her son, the woman then claims he is trying to accuse her of stealing her own car because he simply asked if she was the owner. The teacher then repeatedly says the officer is “jealous.” All the while, the Latino sheriff’s deputy remains calm, cool, and collected as the woman repeatedly appears to try to bait him into a confrontation.

A short while later, another deputy arrives on the scene and tells the woman she is receiving a ticket for using her cellphone while driving. Rather than accepting the consequences of her actions, she tells the officer that the Latino sheriff’s deputy who issued the ticket is a “Mexican racist.” But, she wasn’t done there.

Latino sheriff’s deputy
Another officer arrived at the scent, but the woman’s racist tirade didn’t stop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that right?” the woman tells the Latino sheriff’s deputy who pulled her over. “You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be,” the teacher — who’s reportedly a “professor at schools in the LA area,” according to Melugin — says, furthering trying to insult the officer.

After the incident, the woman reportedly called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to file a harassment complaint against the deputy. The LASD said that the woman “has a history of making false complaints against deputies,” according to the reporter who also noted that the San Dimas station — where the officer is based — does not require body cameras.

The deputy reportedly “invested in his own personal cam to protect himself on the job,” and it’s a good thing he did. Without the footage, many might have believed this woman’s accusations that the officer had threatened her and her son. Thanks to the body cam, however, it’s undeniable that she wasn’t mistreated or in any danger, and now, the officer is rightfully being praised for his calm composure and show of class after dealing with the rude woman.

Sadly, this woman is a teacher and her behavior represents a disturbing trend, according to retired LAPD officer Dennis Zine, who said, “The attitude toward police is becoming more and more hostile, more and more combative, more and more resistant.” Indeed, when our educators have this mindset, it’s no wonder the attitude toward police has taken a turn. The real evil in this situation, however, is the woman behind the wheel who lambasted the police officer over his race. Her behavior needs to be called out because this is how real racism spreads.