Liberal Demands Veteran Remove ‘Hate Symbol’ On His Front Porch

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A U.S. Air Force veteran came home to find a handwritten note, which had been left by a neighbor, taped to his front door. However, he couldn’t believe his eyes when the person demanded that the “symbol of hate” on his front porch be removed or else it would be taken by force.

Justin Schroeder Neighbor Demands Veteran Remove Hate Symbol On His Porch Threatens Force
U.S. Air Force veteran Justin Schroeder returned home to find a note taped to his door. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When 36-year-old Justin Schroeder returned home after serving in the United States Air Force, he left behind the chaos and conflict of active duty. Although he had enlisted to defend our nation’s freedoms, he never thought that he’d have to protect them from his next-door neighbor.

After running some errands in Bozeman, Montana, Schroeder walked up to his porch to find that someone had stuck a handwritten note in between his screen and front door. Instinctively, the veteran stopped to read the words before he entered his abode. However, the memo was far from welcoming.

“Dear neighbor,” the note began, “I’m disgusted you would fly the symbol of hate.”

Justin Schroeder Neighbor Demands Veteran Remove Hate Symbol On His Porch Threatens Force
The note demanded that the veteran remove his American flag for being a “symbol of hate.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite the note failing to name the alleged “hate symbol” on Schroeder’s porch, it was clear that the disgruntled resident was referring to the American flag waving next to his door frame. Of course, the bold accusation was just one of several bigoted stereotypes and far-fetched assumptions to come.

The author went on to say that they could assume that Schroeder voted for President Donald Trump solely “judging by the trucks in your driveway.” The veteran later pans toward his yard, giving viewers a glimpse of his two vehicles parked neatly in his driveway before turning the camera back to himself with a confounded expression.

“This is a disgusting house and Bozeman deserves better,” he read from the note before answering, “You’re right. It does. Pack your s–t and leave.”

“If not taken down by tonight,” the note warns, “I will take it down myself. This is not a fight you want. WE WILL WIN. Sincerely, your neighbor.”

The stone-faced veteran then wads up the note and dropped it on the ground. He then issued his response to whoever had the audacity to come onto his property and threaten to steal his American flag.

“I’ve met some stupid f–king people in my lifetime, but I can tell you right now, that flag right there, that flag ain’t coming down not one bit. My trucks offend you? Bask in their f–king glory. So, public service announcement to the dips–t that decided he was going to leave that note on my door — I love a good fight,” Schroeder said, requesting that the author make their demands to his face.

Schroeder then gave his own warning to the disgruntled resident who believes they have the right to steal his property simply because they don’t like it. His words are sure to make the offended party think twice about carrying out their plan.

“This flag is a symbol of freedom. This flag flies year-round at my house. It will never come down. And, to the person that thinks they’re going to try to take it down — I’ll break your f–king fingers,” he said.

The neighbor disparaged Justin Schroeder’s choice in vehicles and threatened to steal his American flag. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Schroeder’s video soon gained over 700,000 views. However, it was the public’s reaction to his situation that really surprised him the most.

Speaking to Blue Lives Matter, Schroeder said, “It’s been unreal the amount of support I’ve gotten from people,” and that a stranger drove to his home and gave him a new flag just in case the neighbor stole the other one.

Schroeder says that many viewers have offered to camp out near his home in order to guard his flag against potential thieves. Others have pleaded with him to call the police for fear of violent retaliation. However, like a true veteran, Schroeder doesn’t want to “bother the police” and believes that anyone considering swiping his flag should be “hiding under a rock right now.”

“Feel free to have your freedom of speech, but this crosses the line. The American flag, to me, is a symbol of love. And I love my country,” Schroeder said.

Justin Schroeder Neighbor Demands Veteran Remove Hate Symbol On His Porch Threatens Force
Justin Schroeder raised his flag 10 feet higher and vowed to break the fingers of anyone who tries to take it. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Schroeder announced that he has moved his flag 10 feet higher and installed security cameras. He added that, since his video was uploaded, there has been no incident of suspicious activity, suggesting that his response worked.

While the disgruntled neighbor would be foolish to steal an American flag from a U.S. veteran, it’s abhorrent to think that anyone would feel entitled to someone else’s property simply because they don’t like it.