‘So Sad!’: Joy Behar Reveals Harsh Words Her Father Told Her

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During a live broadcast of “The View,” Joy Behar revealed the harsh words her late father told her as a young girl, seemingly blaming him for other personal “trauma” from her youth. This was in huge contrast to how the host had previously gushed over her childhood.

Joy Behar
Joy Behar (Credit: Screenshot)

During an episode of The View, Joy Behar seemingly attempted to blame who she is psychologically on her late father, claiming that she was “traumatized” when he told her that he didn’t think she was pretty as a child. It all started as the ladies discussed the British singer Adele, who had publicly stated she was returning to therapy.

Cohost Sunny Hostin began by discussing the merits of seeking counseling with a therapist. “I’m probably a lunatic,” Hostin said. “Ah, in general, most of the time. I’ve never been to therapy but I’m sure I need it. But what I don’t understand, Joy’s always trying to get me to agree to this thing that most of your adult behavior stems from some sort of childhood trauma. And then I think you just blame the childhood trauma.”

Joy Behar
Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin discuss the merits of therapy (Credit: YouTube)

Joy Behar was quick to correct Hostin. “No, no, no, no, no,” Behar declared. “It’s like if you have a wound and you put a bandaid on it, it will never heal because it doesn’t get air. You’ve got to air the wound,” Behar added. “And you’ve got to also understand why your behavior today is your unconscious mind telling you what to do rather than your conscious mind.”

However, some of Behar’s co-hosts took issue with this logic. Sara Haines pointed out that “what’s traumatic as you’re developing, could be very minor to your adult self.” Hostin also hit back. “What if your sister took your cookie?” she asked rhetorically. “Are you going to then be a stingy person for the rest of your life because your sister took your cookie?”

Joy Behar got emotional discussing her late father on The View (Credit: YouTube)

That’s when Behar decided Sunny Hostin must be suffering from sibling rivalry. “You’re obviously, you’re in a sibling rivalry with your sister. So, work on that,” Behar told Hostin. “Oh, you don’t have a sister,” Joy added, laughing. Hostin still wasn’t buying the whole therapy thing, which led Behar to bring up her own father.

“When I was a child my father said to me one time, ‘You know, Jeannie is prettier than you,'” Behar revealed as her co-hosts chimed in to voice their disapproval of his remark. “Yeah, that was mean,” Behar said in agreement with her cohorts. “He said he was teasing … but so, that stuck with me. Like if your father doesn’t think you’re pretty, you don’t think you’re pretty,” Behar lamented before emotionally exclaiming, “This is so sad!”

Despite Joy Behar’s complaint about her father on this particular episode of The View, the Brooklyn native had previously indicated that she had a pleasant childhood. Behar, who was born Josephine Occhiuto but goes by the nickname “Joy,” once told The New York Times that her liberal activism is a result of her childhood upbringing and being raised in Brooklyn with strong Italian roots. “I was loved, and no one ever told me to shut up, which is a blessing,” Behar said, crediting her childhood for her snarky, outspoken liberalism, according to Fox News.

Her previous remarks seemed very contradictory to the “traumatic” story about her father’s harsh words about her appearance, leaving some to lambast the host for blaming her father for her issues. Critics, who said she was “whining,” felt Behar’s behavior was typical of many liberals today. However, NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck described Behar — who argued for free college tuition and universal healthcare, claiming the government owes its citizens these things — as an emerging “far-left folk hero,” saying liberals “can’t seem to get enough of her.” One thing is for sure, people seem to love her or hate her. There isn’t much in between.