Dental Clinic Posts Sign Reserving Parking Spot For Certain People

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Citizens noticed a dental clinic had posted a sign reserving up-front parking for certain customers. However, as soon as they read it, they made sure to let the clinic know how they felt about giving some people a higher priority.

Holzer Dental Health Partners
Social media was abuzz after Holzer Dental Health Partners reserved a parking spot for a certain group of people. (Photo Credit: Google Street View)

To some extent, businesses are required to provide disabled customers with special amenities designed to prevent hindrances that wouldn’t impede otherwise physically capable patrons. As such, companies will implement wheelchair-accessible entrances, larger bathrooms, and even reserved parking spaces.

Of course, some businesses go above and beyond the legal requirement in order to show often overlooked individuals that they are valued. In an effort to do just that, an Ohio dental clinic decided to implement a special sign recognizing a group that rarely receives such an acknowledgment.

Holzer Dental Health Partners
The sign reserves “Super Hero Parking Only” for military members and first responders. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After citizens of Jackson noticed that Holzer Dental Health Partners had erected a sign in the parking lot, they sought a closer look. Snapping a photo of the new addition, one resident uploaded the image to social media, and the sign immediately went viral for good reason.

The sign reads “Super Hero Parking Only,” reserving a front-row spot for “Veterans, Active Military, Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service” members. The green sign was also topped with an American flag icon as a tribute to the nation’s military and emergency service members.

Holzer Dental Health Partners was praised for honoring the brave men and women who serve the nation. (Photo Credit: Google Street View)

Expectedly, the comments flooded in after social media users saw the unique sign. Almost every comment commended not only the dental clinic but also the civil servants to which the sign is dedicated.

“Keep in mind, all of these heroes have families. Some of those heroes died doing their job. I lost my wife, she was one of these heroes. I know how the families feel. Maybe we could make a sign for the families of fallen heroes. The way they deserve to be treated. God bless our men and women in service!!” one person wrote.

“So glad to see some respect for the ones putting their lives on the line for this country and our safety,” another wrote.

“It would be fantastic if Walmart did something like this instead of giving the closest parking spots to people with electric cars to plug in. They are never being used and was a huge waste of money. Give the spots to SUPER HEROES!” another replied.

While most comments were positive, others were worried that the sign might do more harm than good. Social media users even expressed concern that the sign would paint a bullseye on military members and police officers for those who might seek to do them harm.

“Unfortunately, I think some otherwise entitled folks might not want to make their cars a target and just might pass up the lovely offer,” one person wrote. “Yeah, I know, I’m professionally paranoid…but then again…”

“Love love love it!!! My only fear is that someone or some group will retaliate against them,” another wrote. “I hope and pray that doesn’t happen!”

“That is nice, but one big group it refuses to recognize and I see it all the time, retired Police, Fire, EMS or Disability Retirement due to injury on the job? Why does no one think about us?” another wrote. “We are a forgotten group.”

Despite being the most deserving, military service members and first responders are some of the only ones who aren’t demanding special treatment. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Overall, the sign has been a welcome addition to the business, and Holzer doesn’t seem to have any plans to remove it. In fact, one resident explained that almost every location of the franchise has an identical sign in their parking lot.

The sign has sparked a call for more businesses to implement special honorary parking for members of the military and first responders. Incredibly, these men and women seem to be the only group who aren’t demanding any special treatment but instead gladly serve the public.